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Residential vs commercial generators

Residential vs commercial generators: what’s the difference?

Whether you’re off the grid or you’re without access electricity, at OMC, our comprehensive range covers every... Read more
P54397 Blog images October generator backup

Don't get caught in the dark - 7 reasons to invest in a backup generator.

When the power’s out, you’re out of luck! Here's why a back-up generator is worth investing in.  Read more
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Generator fuel types

A generator opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to power. Here’s an overview of three options.  Read more
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Why you should consider a PTO generator

There are a number of ways PTO generators make life easier. Here are a few reasons why they’re worth it.  Read more
P52087 OMC Blog image Why you need a standby generator 1

Why do you need a standby generator?

Standby generators can provide uninterrupted power in the event of any power outage. Read more
P51774 OMC Blog image Pros and cons of inverter generators FA

Why buy an inverter generator?

Like most conventional generators, inverter generators output an AC current. But that current is then converte...

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What are the best generator brands in New Zealand?

Whether it’s to back up your home, your farm or just provide some tunes and a charged phone when you’re away f...

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Using your generator outside

Generators are an amazing piece of equipment, allowing you to supply power when and where you need it. Availab... Read more

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