Using your generator outside

Generator outside

Generators are an amazing piece of equipment, allowing you to supply power when and where you need it. Available in different sizes and types that are designed for a range of applications, there’s only one thing can really limit their performance – weather.

As with any electrical appliance, contact with water is the biggest safety hazard. And as generators produce electricity and CO fumes, both need to be considered before operating one in adverse conditions. Here’s a few tips to help keep you safe.

When you place a generator under a covered space like a gazebo, for example, it’s worth considering where it sits in relation to everything else because the last thing you want to do is have your friends or guests surrounded by CO fumes. Checking the direction of rain if it’s windy can help, as is making sure you have enough space around the generator to keep everyone safe.

This goes without saying but making sure your cover or enclosure is adequate is important too. If you’re out in a paddock or on the beach with a gazebo, you should place the generator in a position where its outlets are protected on each side but it’s also safely level and dry underneath. If the ground gets soaked and unstable then a piece of ply or something that it can sit on safely is an essential too.

It’s also possible to purchase purpose-built covers that protect generators from rain, wind and in some cases even snow. And with a bit of know-how it’s possible to make one yourself, just make sure you have enough ventilation to allow for exhaust fumes.

OMC Power Equipment can also provide weather proof fittings and connections to keep you safe, especially for recreational users like caravan campers.

Keeping yourself safe while using your generator should be a priority each time you pull it out, and it shouldn’t be a hassle either. And whether you need one for camping, an event or even in case of emergency there are plenty of options that can provide the right solution.

If you’re unsure which generator might be right for you or need some help figuring out how to use yours in all conditions, feel free to come in and see us in-store, check out our great range online, or call us on 0800 503 555 to discuss your needs.

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