Why buy an inverter generator?

Honda invertor generator

Like most conventional generators, inverter generators output an AC current. But that current is then converted to DC voltage and inverted back to ‘clean’ AC. This means it produces a flow of current that’s consistent and reliable independent of the engine speed. Now you know the fundamental difference, let’s look at the pros and cons of inverter generators and what they’re good for.

The pros of inverter generators

Better for modern devices
Microprocessors are sensitive things that demand a quality, ‘clean’ supply of power and they’re found in just about all your favourite appliances these days (computers, smartphones, TVs, game consoles,power tools, kitchen appliances and more). Using poor quality, inconsistent power can cause the microprocessors to malfunction or even be damaged so it’s definitely a serious consideration if you’re going to be relying on your generator to power or charge these items.

Highly portable
Many of the new inverter generator models are small and lightweight making them easy to transport and store. This means you could use your inverter generator for/in more than just one purpose/place. As an example, a 1000 watt inverter generator weights roughly 16kg.

Great fuel efficiency
Because the engine speed adjusts according to the power load needed, inverters are a more fuel- efficient generator option. In our experience you can get up to 12 hours run time on one small tank!

Shh – they’re quieter
Inverter generators are designed to be much quieter in comparison to a traditional counterpart - about the same level of noise as people having a vigorous conversation. They can make even less noise when the load is light and the engine throttles back. This is due to the generator adjusting the electrical characteristics of the power produced.

Things to consider about inverter generators

Limited power
Because these are generators designed more for convenience, quiet operation and portability they compromise by being less powerful than their conventional cousins. Generally, portable inverter generators range from the 1000-7000W output range.

To get all the convenience, quiet operation, fuel efficiency and portability as well as the ability to power your lifestyle you can expect to pay slightly more than a more simple conventional model of a similar size.

So what are they best for?

You could call an inverter generator the ‘lifestyle generator’; they’re perfect for camping, hunting or fishing trips, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors with all the comforts of home without being a pin
in the backside to carry and run. They’re a good option as a short-term home or business backup or to power a small stand at an outdoor event, like a food truck or food caravan. They’re also nifty on job sites in noise restricted zones.

We specialise in finding the right power solution for your home, farm or business and can work in with any budget. Get in touch and let us help you find what you need for your situation today.

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