Questions you should ask before buying a generator

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Choosing to invest in the right generator is a smart move if you have electronics that need to be kept powered in an outage or you need to be able to provide power remotely. Available in a range of sizes and types, the perfect generator for your application will depend on a few things; including what you want to power, where it’s going to be powered and how long for. Other than asking how much it costs, when it comes to speaking with dealers there are a couple of other pieces of key information worth finding out. So, with that in mind, here’s a what you should be asking.

Is it suitable for my phone or laptop?

While every generator we supply is able to provide a reliable source of electricity, not all sources of electricity are equal. When it comes to providing power for sensitive electronics such as your phone, laptop or PC, the modern technology found in inverter generators allows them to produce commercial-quality electricity that is suitable for frequency-sensitive devices. While larger, conventional generators are great options in backup situations, they’re not recommended for these kinds of devices because any dip in rpms from the engine will alter the frequency (current) of electricity flowing to the device.

How loud is it?

While the size of your generator’s engine will contribute to how loud it is, the big difference here is whether you opt for an inverter or a standard/industrial generator. Using older, and therefore more affordable technology, standard generators are equally reliable as their modern counterparts, however due to their design, they’re larger and louder. This is fine if you don’t intend on standing near it all the time, but for uses such as camping or recreational use outdoors where you’ll have people talking nearby, you may want to consider an inverter instead.

Are you able to service it?

Absolutely. At OMC, we have access to serviceable parts for every piece of equipment we sell – generators included. We staff experienced technicians that are able to service anything from the smallest inverter to an LPG backup installed at your home.

Will it power my home in an outage?

To answer this one simply – yes. We stock a range of inverters, standard/industrial and LPG backup generators that are capable of powering your home in an outage, the differences here being cost, quality of electricity and noise. Depending on how much of your home you want to be able to provide power to in an outage (fridge, freezer and phone as opposed to the TV and sensitive electronics as well), it’s important to discuss your family’s needs with your dealer. An LPG backup, for example, has the advantage of coming on instantly in an outage, however they aren’t as versatile as other generators because they’re fitted directly to your home.

What size do I need?

This all depends on what you want to power and how versatile you want to be. It’s possible to opt for a large generator that covers all bases, but if you aren’t going to use it very often you may be better off spending your money on a smaller generator that will serve you more often and cost less to run. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and talk to one of our professional staff. They’re more than happy to talk you through your options and figure out which generator is best for you.

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