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New Zealand's original ride on slope and brush mower.

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Canycom mowers

Safely mow steep slopes and rough grass or brush with ease! Canycom - New Zealand's original ride on slope and brushcutter - is capable of mowing tall grass, thick gorse, weeds, broom and scrub up to 2m tall and is slope rated for 25°.

Made in Japan, decades of engineering development have created a mower that is simple to use, durable and safe on slopes - ideal for New Zealand conditions and now in use on hundreds of properties by lifestyle block owners, farmers and mowing contractors up and down the country.

Canycom offers a range of models in both all-wheel-drive (AWD) and two-wheel-drive (2WD) depending on your mowing requirements.

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I tell the wife I'm going out on the Canycom for about an hour, to mow a nice bit of lawn... but instead I take it to the steepest and most inaccessible areas of our property - and it can do it.

Jason Bishop has owned a Canycom for a number of years, and finds it an indispensable tool for maintaing steep, rough terrain and thick gorse around his property. Find out more and hear why Jason loves his Canycom so much!

Here's why a Canycom will consistently outperform conventional ride on mowers:

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Shaft drive

Shaft drive allows you to cut much thicker, longer grass and shrub, with no belt hassles - and a greater height of cut range. The Canycom is also fully mechanical drive in both AWD and 2WD models for ultimate safety and climbing ability - plus a diff lock on selected models, for extra traction.

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Extremely Low Centre of Gravity

The Canycom mower is the safest ride on mower on the market for mowing slopes. The low height and long wheel base makes the mower exceptionally stable, virtually hugging the ground and with excellent traction. No longer do you need to feel unsteady and unsafe while mowing steeper areas of your property - mow slopes of up to 25° or more!

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Mow (almost) Anything.

With extremely efficient power and torque transfer, thanks to the shaft drive deck, the Canycom can destroy all kinds of unruly vegetation that cause you headaches. Flail blades mulch material up finely whilst flinging back on contact with hard material like rocks. The shaft and gearbox are protected through the use of shear pins.

Canycom mowing nice grass

A tidy finish on normal grass

A question we often get asked, is "will the Canycom be okay to mow my normal lawn?" The answer is yes!

With a high blade tip speed thanks to the shaft drive deck, and a mulching or side discharge capable deck, you can get a very tidy finish on standard lawn and grass.

The picture to the right shows a CMX2402 mowing in kikuyu grass north of Auckland, leaving a clean striped finish and minimal clippings.

Save having several mowers - just get one that is safe on steep slopes, can mow gorse, and yet give a tidy clean finish when you need it. And, with a tight turning circle, you can maneouvre remarkably well around trees and other obstacles.

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