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Simply the best.

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Scag Zero Turn Mowers

Scag is one of New Zealand's fastest growing zero turn mower brands.

Made in rural Wisconsin, right in the middle of America's engineering heartland, Scag mowers are renowned for both ruggedness and quality componentry, and Scag believes that even the smallest improvements are important in creating the best commercial-grade lawn mowers on the market.

With unique suspension technology, plus diesel and petrol engine offerings, as well as side discharge, rear discharge or mulching decks, you can guarantee there’ll be a Scag for you - no matter whether you're a hardcore mowing contractor, or a beautiful lifestyle block owner.

Scag - simply the best.

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Man mowing with a Scag Cheetah zero turn mower

Made in the USA for over 35 years

All Scag mowers are built tough in a purpose built group of factories in Wisconsin, a state renowned for its engineering and motoring background.

Leading modern manufacturing technology makes for unrivalled consistency across many parts of the mower, whilst others like the cast iron blade spindles, get hand-torqued in house!

Mowers are run at the end of the assembly lines to check all running systems, safety switches, fluids, leaks, neutral/tracking, RPM and more. These steps add to the value of every Scag mower and ensure the product is the best it can be when it leaves the factory.


We found the Scag foolproof - really easy to operate, not too many bells and whistles - just a basic, strong mower that gives a great ride.

Dave McKenzie | Mt Montrose

Running a large farm means efficiency and quality are the top priorities. Find out more about why Dave loves his Scag Cheetah II.

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