PTO Generators

PTO Generators

Need backup power on your farm? Then you need a PTO Generator. A quality made power take off, tractor driven alternator that is purpose built to back-up your Dairy during those inconvenient down times. Ranging from 30 to 110 kVA, PTO generators from OMC Power Equipment are especially designed to run from the back of your tractor and can couple to most brands of tractors. A tractor driven PTO generator is perfect for rural power applications and is ideal for farmers wanting to protect their investment and peace-of-mind.

Don't run the risk of losing power during milking cycles

A PTO generator makes use of your tractor without the cost of an additional engine

Highly portable - PTO Generators with a simple 3 pt linkage make it easy to cart around the farm - connect to your farmhouse, dairy shed or other building.

Protect your valuable investments during snow storms, windstorms or other natural events

Portable or permanent models

Take advantage of OMC Power Equipment's solid experience in Dairy Shed Solutions.

Ask for a free visit from one of our technicians - Canterbury wide!

Full backup parts and service for complete peace of mind.

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