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Raymo Electric/Hybrid Remote Controlled Mowers

Raymo mowers are the ultimate solution for some of the most significant issues that mowing contractors and professional landscapes face: slopes, noise, emissions, vibration, operator safety and comfort, and maintenance/operating costs.

Available in either fully electric, or hybrid, and with with a number of attachments, this amazing out-front mower performs all the functions of some of the best zero turns on the market - but substantially more.

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Key Benefits

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Environmentally Friendly

Parks, playgrounds, sports fields, motorway berms, orchards and urban reserves are just a few examples of locations where quiet, emission free mowing will be a preferred choice.

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Ideal for Slopes

4WD, combined with zero-turn steering and extremely low COG, allow Raymo to operate on slopes over 45° with ease. This is well out of the range of typical zero turn mowers (15°) or dedicated ride on slope mowers (25°).

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Extremely low Profile

The Raymo has no trouble tucking in underneath urban obstacles like park benches or tables - saving hours of trimming or push-mower work. Responsive controls make maneuvering in and out of tight areas a breeze.


There's a saying that says if you enjoy your job, you never work a day in your life.

Find out why James Holt loves his Raymo remote-controlled electric mower - one of the many reasons being he has cut his fuel bill from around $2,500 down to under $200 per month!

Raymo mowing at a solar farm

Raymo - the perfect solution for mowing solar farms.

With increasing clean energy demand and supply, solar farms are on the rise, particularly with the likes of Kōwhai Park near Christchurch Airport.

Grass/vegetation is an important factor to help lower the temperature within solar farms, and maintains a healthy environment for local flora and fauna. However, regular mowing is still necessary and conventional mowers are unsuitable due to the huge amount of obstacles.

With its low profile and efficient operation, the Raymo is a perfect solution for mowing around and under solar panels on solar farms - a fast, easy and most of all environmentally friendly mower.

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