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One-man topdressing made easy.

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Designed by landscaping professionals, Ecolawn makes turf topdressing easy and accessible.

ECOLAWN self-propelled, walk-behind compost spreaders and top dressers are reliable, efficient and maneuverable. With an Ecolawn Compost Spreader, you can topdress lawns and apply bulk materials (such as sand, compost and soil mixes) to lawns, sports turf, under row of crops, hedges, and even grape vines. These durable top dressers make effortless 90° and 180° turns around obstacles while trimming along sidewalks and flower beds. The ECO 150 and ECO 250 models are lightweight and designed with an easy maneuverability like no other. Our tow-behind model and our tractor implement offer other suitable topdressing application alternatives.

Made in Canada, and unlike anything else available in New Zealand, the Ecolawn applicator features a redesigned hopper that practically eliminates bridging with hard-to-spread products, allowing the handling of sand, compost, soils and any custom blends with ease.

Great for use on sports fields, golf greens or new lawns, the Ecolawn top dresser makes quick work of an otherwise rigorous job.

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Key Benefits of the Ecolawn Spreader

Efficient, easy process

Efficient, easy process

Ecolawn strives to take the back-breaking out of topdressing. Quickly and easily cover large areas of ground, with a range of materials including sand, compost, soils and any custom blends.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Topdressing doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, difficult process. Get it done rapidly - meaning you can do it more often, or if you're a contractor - more times per day. Quality construction and Honda Engines make this a durable product that will keep going when you need it to.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Meet the growing demand for organic, sustainable lawn care practices. If you're a landscaper or lawn mowing contractor, add top dressing to your range to get more clients, referrals and repeat business - all with minimal time and effort!

Ecolawn Product Video

Check out the Ecolawn 250S in action on a Kiwi property, using a variety of topdressing materials including sand and compost. Watch as the key features of the unit are explained and demonstrated in action.

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