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AllTrec Electric Out Front Mowers

AllTrec provides an AWD zero emission mowing solution for professionals in green space maintenance without compromising on productivity, performance and quality. Built from scratch in the Netherlands, AllTrec mowers are the perfect tool to lower fleet emissions while offering a great quality of cut.

With a range of tractor and deck options available, along with other attachments like sweepers for increased productivity, the AllTrec is the ideal solution for councils and mowing contractors across New Zealand wanting a reliable electric mower to replace their diesel fleet.

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Why AllTrec?

  • All-day mowing - start the day with a full battery and don't worry about charging for the rest of the day. Put the mower on charge at night and you're good to go the following day.
  • Designed and made for professional mowing contractors from scratch
  • All-wheel-drive - excellent traction and great on undulating ground. The only AWD option in the electric commercial mowing industry.
  • Multiple deck options. Get the right deck to suit the type of mowing you offer - be it roadsides, school fields, parks or orchards.
  • Extremely low maintenance. Simply check the tyres, grease some joints and clean with compressed air - that's it! The Alltrec offers incredibly low servicing costs.
  • Zero emissions - make your fleet environmentally friendly
  • Minimal vibrations and noise - you have to see or try, to believe!
  • Safe. The LiFeP04 battery used by AllTrec is one of the safest on the market.

Put simply - working with AllTrec offers many benefits for the operator, bystanders and the environment.


Our vision is to make emission-free work the new norm for professionals in the green sector.

Frank van de Staak – Founder & CEO of AllTrec

AllTrec electric mowing deck

AllTrec Mowing Decks

1) A robust, fully fabricated mowing deck

2) Reinforced rim for extra protection

3) Each blade is run by an individual motor with a reinforced flange for strength

4) Well protected control unit

5) Highest rated control cabling for reliability

6) Beltless design for low maintenance and ultimate power

7) Optional mulching kit available

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Cut in a range of conditions

Cut in a range of conditions

AllTrec's cutting decks are designed for commercial operators wanting a fully electric out front mower that can cut long or short grass in a variety of weather conditions.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Easy, simple drive controls allow the AllTreck front mount mower to be used by any operator and the mower is perfect for mowing quietly in noise sensitive areas like parks, gardens or residential communities.

Low centre of gravity

Low centre of gravity

The AllTrec has a low centre of gravity enabling it to handle moderate slopes, and the out-front deck is perfect for getting into tight corners of lawns.

Flip up deck options

Flip up deck options

Great for storage and getting into narrow accessways, AllTrec's MD270 has flip up sides.

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