NEWS FLASH: Farewell to the Honda EU20i Generator

Honda EU20i

Well - who would have thought the day would come when Honda's 'Old Faithful' would disappear off the market?

After a long service life in New Zealand of over 10 years, Honda Power Equipment's best loved EU20i generator is now out of production.

This product would surely be one of our biggest selling and most reliable generators, happily providing 1000's of hours of use for anyone from a farmer to camper to contractor.


As generator technology improves - things can only get better. Ask anyone from the 'old days' and they'll tell you that a 2kW generator 30 years ago weighed tonnes (not literally, but you get my drift). So the skilled engineers at Honda's design centre in Japan have come up with ways to make Honda's portable generator pack a greater punch, with better features.


Honda has now launched a new model, the Honda EU22i, which is now available in New Zealand. It has more power than the EU20i without compromising on weight or performance.

Click here to view the new Honda EU22i now.

With 200W MORE power, the all-new Honda EU22i generator can power more than ever before. Used for leisure, back-up power and for the job site, it really packs a punch! Along with 10% more power, it offers a refreshed look and additional features for customers to appreciate.

The EU22i features a microcomputer-controlled sinewave inverter that guarantees commercial-quality electricity – making it ideal for use with frequency-sensitive electrical equipment such as laptops and home computers.

The EU22i features an eco-throttle adjusting the engine speed and only running at full capacity when required. This increases fuel economy, and reduces noise.

It also features parallel connection compatibility. For additional power, you can link two Honda inverter generators in parallel operations with a simple connection cable.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum output of 2200W/240 volt AC and 8.3 amp DC to run appliances and charge automotive batteries simultaneously
  • Delivers better than commercial quality electricity
  • Delivers greater fuel efficiency via the built-in Eco-Throttle*
  • Engine is protected via low oil alert system
  • Increased diameter of oil filler for improved draining and catching of oil
  • Improved recoil starter handle with new metal guard
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous operation on Eco-Throttle*
  • Whisper-quiet operation from LwA 91dB(A)**
  • Lightweight: 21kg
  • Reliable 4-Stroke GXR120 engine
  • Engine 20% larger than the EU20i Generator
  • Revs lower @1600w than the EU20i Generator

And, it's still not made in China ;-)

What about my old EU20i?

Like any of Honda's line up, your EU20i will still be serviceable for probably decades to come. Honda doesn't have a great name for no reason - after all you can still get parts for products that are 30 years old. So there's no reason to worry, keep your trusty EU20i running just like normal.

Click here to view the new Honda EU22i Generator.

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