Why you should consider a PTO generator

PTO generator

PTO (power take off) generators have the potential to be your most useful piece of farm equipment. They work by attaching directly to your tractor, allowing you to turn what is likely your most relied on diesel engine into a mobile plant that provides electricity just about anywhere on your farm. The peace of mind they offer can easily outweigh the investment of setting one up as well, especially when you can’t afford to lose power or wait for it to be reconnected in the case of an outage.

There are a number of ways that a PTO generator can make life easier even on a day to day basis. Here’s just a few reasons why we think they’re worth it.

You can utilise an engine you already own
Comparatively speaking, industrial-level diesel generators are expensive. So, with that in mind, why not take advantage of the one you use nearly every day? With a PTO generator, the initial setup and operational costs drop significantly because you have one less engine to service and that engine doesn’t need to be serviced as regularly; as the average generator requires 50 hours between oil changes compared to 100 hours for typical tractors.

You can provide power across your property
It goes without saying, but a generator can only power equipment that it’s close to. This is an easy enough fix when you only need to carry a small inverter generator to the beach to play music, but if a fence is broken at night and you need to power floodlights and power tools to get it fixed ASAP, a PTO generator can be driven straight there.

The same can be said if your milk shed loses power right as your stock are waiting to be milked, or your family home loses power in an outage and you live a little far from town. Being able to throw a switch and run the tractor means you won’t be wasting precious time or potentially losing potential profit waiting for someone to get the lights on again. Power cuts are common in rural New Zealand so it’s important that Dairy Farms have a reliable source of backup power immediately available.

They come in all sizes
Depending on how much you’d like to be able to power, there’s a generator to suit each application and circumstance. Some farmers only need to be able to run power tools when they’re out doing repairs on the property while others choose to invest in a PTO generator that can run the milk shed and the house too. And to make sure you get the best solution for your operation, we’re more than happy to visit you at your convenience to talk through your options.

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