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The Steiner Turf Tractor is the ultimate land management tool.

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Steiner Turf Tractors

Capable of mowing up to 30 degree slopes, in rough terrain or on rolling golf courses, or anywhere where a verstile, multi-purpose tractor is required.

With dozens of mowing decks and other attachments available, the Steiner is the ideal tool for the mowing contractor, farm owner or large rural property owner wanting to control their property better.

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Mowing on hillsides with the Steiner mower

Capable of mowing steep slopes at 25 degrees, and with dual wheel options, the Steiner's out front deck means it provides a smooth, even cut over hills. Both oscillating and articulating, the Steiner is the ultimate mowing machine for undulating terrain all over New Zealand.

Here's why the Steiner is the ultimate landscaping tool:

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Safe on Slopes

The Steiner is designed to safely mow slopes up to 30 degrees. It is AWD, oscillating and articulating, and with the option of added dual wheels, you can now attack terrain that was previously off limits.

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Not just a mower = the Steiner can take a huge number of quick hitch attachments including buckets, scrapers, trenchers, blowers and more.

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Oscillating Chassis

The Steiner's oscillating chassis allows the tractor to drive much more safely over undulating ground, 'hugging' the contours of the ground to allow maximum traction from the driving wheels. This makes the Steiner the mower of choice for rough, sloping areas where a rigid chassis would be considered unsuitable or even dangerous.

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Articulating (Pivot Steer)

Pivot steering means the Steiner can not only maneouvre around very tight areas and obstacles like trees, but with the hydrostatic drive the mower will not rip up ground on fine turf for example.

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Hydraulic Weight Transfer

Steiner's unique ground pressure adjustment system is fully hydraulic, meaning you can adjust the ground pressure / weight transfer on the go, without getting off the seat, no tools required! This means you can adjust the way the machine tracks across steep or soft terrain, excellent in muddy conditions.

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Powerful Diesel or Petrol Engines

With Kubota diesel and Briggs & Stratton petrol engine options, the Steiner offers plenty of power to get through the toughest challenges on slopes, cutting long damp grass and weeds.

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A Perfect Match for New Zealand

The Steiner makes light works of mowing slopes and rough terrain, making it the perfect choice for mowing contractors, lifestyle blocks, farms, orchards, vineyards, golf courses or anywhere where wide area mowing meets challenging terrain.

Talk to us today for an onsite demo - anywhere in New Zealand - like this demo in a New Zealand national park.

Steiner Turf Tractors

The Steiner is the ultimate machine for safe mowing and groundwork on slopes.

With adjustable weight distribution and ground pressure, an articulating and oscillating chassis and a range of tyre options, the Steiner is capable of comfortably and safely mowing slopes up to 30 degrees.

A wide range of mowing heads are available including the popular 60" and 72" side and rear discharge decks, 80" flex deck for wide area mowing, and a rough cut mower for cutting thick weeds and overgrowth.

Also available is a range of other attachments including buckets, trenchers, scrapers, sweepers, blowers and more.

Ask us for an onsite demonstration today, New Zealand wide!

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