Why do you need a standby generator?

01 Jun 2019

standby generator

Why do you need a standby generator?

Standby generators are designed to keep the lights and essential appliances on in a power outage. And unlike portable generators that you might take away to the bach or use to power a food truck, they’re fixed to your house and sit externally of it like a heat pump does. Other than the fact they can provide uninterrupted power in the event of an outage, perhaps the best thing about standby generators is that they automatically switch over that disconnects you from the grid before the generator begins transferring power your home. There are plenty of other way that they can prove themselves as worthy investments, here’s just a few.

Automatic switchover

We’ve already mentioned this one, but what does it mean in terms of safety? Unlike portable generators that can power appliances off a multi-board, permanent standby generators are hard wired into the home or business’ circuit, and eliminate the need to run extension leads or potentially overload the generator. And especially in storms where water becomes a factor, that automatic switch keeps you and your family safe.

Even when power is returned to the grid, the same switch powers your generator down and removes any possibility of back feeding the grid when maintenance workers are restoring electricity.

Runs off natural gas

Standby generators use a fuel source to power an internal engine that creates electricity, and in the case of our Kohler LPG Standby Generators that fuel is natural gas; which burns cleaner than petrol and diesel. And if your natural gas becomes disconnected during a power outage, it is possible to connect your gas bottle as an external source. 

Protects businesses

Installing a standby generator to your workplace provides the same advantages we’ve mentioned already, but when you aren’t able to monitor or check on it regularly then the security and peace of mind a generator can provide may be well worth the investment. The automatic switchboard can power lights and keep valuable servers running until they can be safely taken offline or backed up. This is particularly important for medical centres or the service industry.

Add equity to your asset

Unlike portable generators that you would take with you wherever you move, investing in a standby generator adds value to your home or business should you choose to sell in the future. Especially in a post-quake era, they are considerations people make when weighing up property, as the peace of mind they can provide pays itself off as soon as the lights go out.

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