Altoz tracked zero turn mowers New Zealand

A safer, more productive and more efficient way to mow

Altoz tracked mowers New Zealand

Altoz tracked zero turn mowers

Meet the world’s first tracked zero turn mower – it looks and performs unlike anything else you’ve seen. Made in the USA, Altoz offers a range of tracked zero turn mowers designed to tackle some of New Zealand’s most challenging mowing terrains including slopes, swampy/wet ground while offering unmatched comfort and control.

Tracks provide substantially better traction, stability and minimal ground pressure allowing you to go more places and take on jobs that others can’t, offering higher return on investment.

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Why Altoz?

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Slope performance

Altoz's unique track system and rear axle torsion suspension will take you areas that no other conventional zero turn mower can go, such as slopes and hillsides, swampy/wet ground, or near water features. Mow safely and confidently with more traction and minimal ground compaction.

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Rough terrain

Go areas where others won't, with Altoz's unmatched traction - have an area or property where other mowers will get stuck? Try the Altoz and see why the tracked system enables vegetation management that no one else can attempt.

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Orchard and vineyard mowing

New Zealand orchards and vineyards are notorious for being located on some of the toughest terrain, with rough ground, slopes and often muddy or poor ground. Get mowing all year round (including winter) with Altoz's unmatched traction and manoeuvrability.

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Mowing wet or swampy terrain

Tracks help improve ground pressure and increase traction, making them substantially better than tyres on wet terrain. Altoz performs incredibly well for mowing around swails, swampy or low lying areas compared to standard zero turn mowers.

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Cutting thick vegetation

Altoz's rough cut, open fronted decks can slash through thick vegetation where other zero turn mowers would stall, clog or break belts.

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Mowing wide areas

Altoz offers efficient mowing in wide open areas, with wide cutting decks and high ground speeds to get more done in the day.


We looked at several other brands, honestly - none of them had the capabilities that Altoz had, especially for the steep slopes, side hills, and wet areas.

Watch how the Altoz performs vs. wheeled zero turn mowers.

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