Pavement Saws

Key Advantages of Weber MT Pavement Saws

The Weber MT range of pavement saws is tailored to a great variety of site applications. For example, the SM 57-2 is the ideal model to take over from hand held concrete saws. The SM 62-2 and SM 82-3 together feature a swivel arm, which minimizes wear and tear on the diamond-equipped cutting blades, minimising replacement and running costs. To adjust the cutting depth, it is no longer necessary to swivel the entire machine frame, but only the pivoted cutting-blade drive. The engine retains its horizontal position, eliminating tilt-induced interruptions to the oil supply. To ensure constant pressure and steady cutting action, the machine`s centre of gravity is above the cutting blade. The result: higher output, improved durability. A robust design and cutting depths of up to 190 mm are the features that prove the optimum efficiency of the SM-line of Weber MT pavement saws. Standard attachments include a water tank for binding dust and a scale for indicating cutting depths.