Why Install a KOHLER Backup Generator?

Simple Transfer Switch

All our Kohler Generator Range has the option to install an Automatic Transfer Switch, which automatically switches from mains to generator within just 10 seconds of a power cut. And once the power's back on? The switch seamlessly changes back to mains power, and shuts down the generator. It's that simple!

Reliable, Clean Power

Made in the USA, these units are designed for all kinds of weather. You can be assured that with quality like this, there'll be no cold nights or lost freezers full of food. And you can run anything from lights, to TV's computers, kitchen appliances - the whole house over!

Out of Sight & Mind

Kohler's stunningly simple generator design makes these generators fit in on any home or business - they just look like an air conditioning unit - but better! Once it's installed, you can forget that it's even there - but we guarantee you'll be back to thank it once the power goes off!

Keep the lights on, the house warm, the computer on and the coffee brewing.

Whatever is going on outside or down the road doesn't matter with a Kohler generator - because it keeps you connected to whatever you need to do.

Kohler generators are priced to suit your needs - so we have a solution for any problem you have at home, at the office, or on the farm.

OMC Power Equipment can arrange full installation for you - even if you live in an older home - so call us now to discuss your needs.

Keep the power on

Why invest in a Standby Generator?

Kohler - Keep the Power On.

Kohler Standby Generators

OMC Power Equipment supplies and installs a range of different sized Kohler Generators to the residential and commercial market, with Petrol, Diesel, and LPG gas options available. Contact us today to find which Kohler generator model you may need for your home or work. See some example of common models below.

Quality Original Equipment/ USA made and generously oversized with AVR overrated for longer life

  • Control Users Guide Book & Alternator Manual
  • Engine Users Guide and Maintenance Manual
  • Environmental Friendly and Responsible –  engine 
  • Kohler is the WORLDS 3rd largest generator manufacturer with a backup facility that is unbeatable, MADE in the USA the quality is exceptional for peace of mind Year after year dependable and reliable power.
  • New Zealand network of service facilities for local backup you can trust! – You are not alone and dealing with overseas contacts!!