Kohler Generator Vario speed 6VSG - 24/36/48VDC

Kohler 6VSG Generator
Kohler 6VSG Generator
Kohler 6VSG Generator
Kohler 6VSG Generator
Kohler 6VSG Generator
Kohler 6VSG Generator

Key features

  • Rated kW LP 6 kW
  • Fuel Type Natural Gas and LPG
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This generator is made for renewable energy, including solar power or other remote applications. The KOHLER 6VSG battery-charging generator efficiently charges battery banks when renewable energy sources can't keep up with demand. If your battery charge drops below a pre-set level, the 6VSG charges it automatically.

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  • High-quality power The 6VSG provides consistent power to charge battery banks used with renewable energy, telecom and other remote applications.
  • Economical The 6VSG is fueled by clean, affordable natural gas or liquid propane (LPG).
  • Remote control Add the Programmable Interface Module and OnCue® Generator Management System to communicate with the 6VSG remotely.
  • Automatic The generator senses when the battery bank is running low and turns on automatically to keep up with demand.

State-Of-The-Art Battery Charging

  • Designed specifically for efficient charging of battery banks for renewable energy, telecom and other remote applications; provides consistent direct-current output to maintain battery banks directly without inefficient conversions from alternating current
  • Can be used for industrial battery bus support to reduce the size of battery banks
  • Generator can maintain batteries directly without an expensive converter or monitoring equipment
  • Longer engine life and reduced fuel consumption when compared to fixed speed; variable engine speed (2300-2900 RPM) reduces maintenance requirements and fuel consumption and extends the life of the engine
  • Powered by commercial-grade KOHLER Command PRO® engine
  • Accommodates most systems; compatible with positive- or negative-grounded systems in 24, 36 and 48 volt configurations
  • Compatible with optional OnCue® Generator Management System 3.1 or higher and Programmable Interface Monitor

Special Features

  • Extremely quiet operation with sound at 62 dBA at 50% load
  • Steel enclosure with automotive-grade paint for advanced corrosion protection
  • Runs on either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG); simple switching between natural gas and LPG in the field
  • 5-year, 2000-hour warranty for on-grid applications
  • 18-month, 1000-hour warranty for off-grid application
  • Optional installed communications kit includes fuel-pressure switch and enclosure intrusion alarm
Rated kW LP6 kW
Rated kW NG6 kW
Amps LP111 amps
Amps NG111 amps
Displacement725 cm³
HorsepowerNG 18.5 HP, LP 21.2 HP
Sound Output During Weekly Exercise66 dB(A)
Weight420 lbs. (191 kg)
Fuel TypeNatural Gas, LPG
Voltage @ 60 Hz24/48
PhaseSingle Phase

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