Pro 2B+ Blower Assist Catcher Kit

$3,995.00 incl GST

Superior catching performance over other similar systems - collect grass quickly and efficiently with minimal blocking and easy maintenance!

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Made in the USA and especially designed to fit the BOB-CAT range of zero turn mowers, the Pro 2B+ Catcher is an excellent add on to turn your BOB-CAT mower into a dedicated catching mower.

There are a lot of great things about this system over standard catcher systems - but here are our Top Three:
  1. Blower is situated halfway between deck exit and bags - this maximises the airflow created by the deck, and gives the grass a final push into the bag where it is most prone to blocking on standard units.
  2. Super easy no-tool removal once fitted - should you wish to switch to side discharge for a while - it is extremely simple to remove the boot and chute, unlike on traditional units where the whole blower assembly has to be removed from the deck.
  3. Blower runs off engine rather than deck - This provides maximum power while letting the deck do what it does best, cutting the grass and throwing it out. On traditional units, when you hit some long grass, the deck blades slow down which would cause the blower to slow and ultimately cause blockages.

Other Key Benefits:

  • Works substantially better than systems with no blower unit, which block very easily in New Zealand
  • Heavy duty 3-blade steel impellor breaks materials down and creates great airflow
  • 7.5 bushel (250L) capacity over two bags
  • Bags are simple and easy to remove for dumping of grass
  • Robust design

This system is ideal for the BOB-CAT range of mowers so contact us today for a closer look!

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