Scag V-Ride II Stand on Mower

Scag V-ride
Scag V-ride

Key features

  • Stand on for ultimate maneouvrability and efficiency
  • Kawasaki engine.
  • 1-piece welded frame

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Incredibly agile, unbelievable comfortable and impressively productive, the Scag V-Ride II is simply the best stand on mower in the industry.

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The Scag V-Ride II™ is regarded as among the very best stand on mowers in the world, and OMC Power Equipment is excited to offer this amazing mower right here in New Zealand.

Featuring a very comfortable operator platform with first-class suspension that minimizes fatigue, the V-Ride II delivers a natural, intuitive and smooth riding position the entire day.

With unrivaled performance, stability and durability, this machine helps keep you in tip-top condition to get the job done day after day, year after year.

Signature Scag quality

Featuring a one-piece frame, Ogura clutches, and Scag's own cast iron spindles with tapered roller bearings, the V-ride has Scag's 40 year history of engineering excellence written all over it. The V-ride is like a compacted down version of Scag's renowned Turf Tiger and Cheetah models.

Easy maintenance

With easy to remove covers, an unrestriced engine compartment, and easy to reach grease nipples on the spindles, servicing and maintaining your Scag stand on zero turn is simple and fast, for minimum downtime.

Why stand on a mower?

While not for everyone, stand on mowers have a number of unique benefits that are a perfect match for many mowing contractors, city councils and private owners.

  • Mow in tight areas, fast
  • Mow in highly landscaped areas - more maneuverable than sit-on zero turns
  • Greatly improved operator comfort than sitting
  • Excellent slope performance and safety
  • Fit more mowers on your trailer
  • Greatly improved productivity - up to 20% more lawns mown!
  • Lighter footprint - less ruts
  • Improved operator visibility
  • Put simply, a stand on mower will mow faster and help you get into places that other zero turns will not.
Height of cut

SPRING-ASSISTED HEIGHT OF CUT - the deck can be lifted and locked into transport position from the operator’s station. Cutting heights are easily set by placing the tethered pin at the desired height.

operator platform

SPACIOUS, COMFORTABLE OPERATOR PLATFORM - Delivers a smooth ride and reduces operator fatigue. Adjustable suspension spring can be moved forward or backward, with, or without, the spacer plate installed to meet the operator’s comfort preference. Extra-large, extra-thick operator comfort cushion ensures comfortable operation, hour after hour.


TIGER EYE™ MONITORING SYSTEM (48"+ only) provides real-time advanced system monitoring right from the operator platform.

Engine36": 19hp Kawasaki FX600
48": 22hp Kawasaki FX691
Drive system36": Hydro-Gear 10cc pumps and Parker 12ci wheel motors
48": Hydro-Gear 12cc pumps and Parker 14ci wheel motors
Speed36"": 13.6 km/h forward, 8 km/h reverse
48": 16.9 km/h forward, 8 km/h reverse
Deck36": Advantage tri-plate fully fabricated deck, twin blade
48": Velocity Plus™ trip-plate fully fabricated steel deck with custom cut adjustable baffle
SpindlesCast-iron with tapered roller bearings
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