Catch Pro Alloy Side Catcher

$1,795.00 incl GST

An excellent add on for almost any BOB-CAT or Scag mower, for mowing contractors and private users wanting to collect debris in small and hard to access areas.

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The Catch Pro alloy side catcher is your complete answer to collecting grass, leaves and even other debris like hedge clippings, in small or hard to access areas.

This Australian made catcher simply clips onto the deck exit on your BOB-CAT or Scag mower so can be put on or off in a matter of seconds, transforming your mower from side discharge into catching.

It is perfect for private owners wanting to collect up smaller areas of grass to get a beautiful striped collected finish, or for mowing contractors who are mowing in narrow access areas e.g. through gates or back sections as the catcher can be taken off and put on so easily.

A rugged alloy design allows the Catch Pro to withstand the knocks and bumps better than a bag version. It is also easier to empty with conveniently located handles and a rear dump position.

Key Benefits:
  • Unique directs clippings to the rear for efficient packing
  • All aluminium panel design with stainless steel mouth for extra durability
  • 117-litre capacity & a light 10kg empty weight
  • Quick latch door for easy emptying
  • Panel design reduces dust and directs air away from the engine
  • 3 top handles are positioned for balance and convenient handling
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

OMC Power Equipment is New Zealand's Official Distributor of Catch Pro catchers in New Zealand so talk to us today for more information.

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