The Bobcat Promise


American ingenuity, craftsmanship and hard work make sure your new Bobcat can take whatever you can dish out. Each mower has at least 10ga fabricated steel cutting deck, fully welded tube steel frame, serviceable transaxles and reliable Kawasaki engines.

Quality of Cut

New Zealand mowing conditions are uniquely different to everywhere else in the World. That's why it's important our products are uniquely adjustable to acclimatised conditions. An adjustable front deck lip, plus the patented DoubleWave baffle, make a Bobcat deck adaptable to mowing in any part of the country, be it Kaitaia or Invercargill.

Ease of Ownership

Bobcat mowers feature unique flip up floor plates, open frame design, and the best warranty on the market - all to make your Bobcat easy to own. Innovative benefits like an easy oil drain hose, just two belts, and sealed spindles make your mower the easiest mower you'll ever have to look after!


Trusted Bobcat Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty

With a stellar history of making top quality construction equipment, The Bobcat Company knows that you rely on your equipment to get work done, to make money or simply save time on your property.

When you buy a Bobcat® zero-turn mower, we back that investment with an industry-leading warranty that gives you complete bumper-to-bumper coverage for 3 Years or 500-2000 hours depending on the model.

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Bobcat Zero Turn Mowers

Check out the range of zero turn models below - each model has up to three deck sizes available from 42" right up to 72".

For more detailed information visit the Bobcat website.