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Catch, Mulch or Side Discharge with the one deck - and change between each function within seconds!

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The Walker MULTI-DECK®  Makes your mower more versatile than ever. This cutting deck has the capability to collect, side-discharge or mulch the grass and, true to Walker reputation, it does each job beautifully.

Thanks to the ability to tilt your Walker mower deck up, the Multi deck allows you to quickly and easily swap between each function, so you can use all three functions on one property, according to the lawn's unique requirements.

Perhaps you have a long driveway or road frontage that you don't want to catch, but you want to catch your nice turf lawn... or maybe you want to mulch the grass during summer, to keep moisture and nutrient levels up - either way, you can do it with the Walker Multi Deck.

Available on all Walker catcher models.

 Five Reasons to Choose MULTI-DECK®

  • One mower does three types of mowing.
  • Quick, easy changeover of cutting modes (no tools). 
  • Professional results in each mode. 
  • High quality, fully welded construction. 
  • Swing-back Mach II blade system for optimum mulching in your conditions, and protection against impact.

 How the Multi Deck Works:

Side Discharge
Collection 165 Mulch 165 Side Discharge 165
For optimum results around the house, buildings and pool. Prevents grass tramp and gives the safety of no thrown objects.

The forward turning direction of the counter rotating blades gives a clean cut in all grasses. Discharging across the exit chute has a self cleaning action on the discharge opening. The MACH II blade system has a low horsepower requirement and creates an airstream that prevents grass build up under the deck.
Next best finish to collection. No clippings to dispose of saves time. Safety of no thrown objects. 

The MACH II blade system cuts the grass into small particles and combined with the deck baffle configuration creates an air pressure that forces the clippings down to the ground thereby eliminating grass build up under the deck. This reduces the horsepower required to mulch giving fuel savings and allows wet grass to be mulched.
Ideal for fast mowing of large areas, rural roadsides, orchards and overgrown grass even in difficult conditions. 

The MACH II blade system on MULTI-DECK gives perhaps the best spread of cut grass in the industry, even in wet conditions. Swing back blades provide added protection against impact. Solid construction and no belts on the deck allows MULTI-DECK to mow areas unsuitable for most finishing mowers.

 Simple and straightforward baffle system changes the cutting modes without tools.

As shown in the diagrams, the baffles are secured with hand knobs to achieve the various configurations. The tilt-up deck allows quick and easy access to the underside. 
The changeover between cutting modes is done in less than a minute. When you invest in a Walker Mower you get long lasting quality, versatility and a machine that will always mow your lawn beautifully!

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