Walker C19i Zero Turn Mower



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 Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
 Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
 Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
 Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower
Walker C19i Catching Zero Turn Mower

Key features

  • 19 HP Kohler Command Pro engine with EFI
  • Ideal for Commercial operators
  • Superior fuel efficiency and engine performance

The C19i is based on the same renowned platform as the C19 but with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) for increased efficiency and engine performance. Alongside this, you also get a power dump and comfort seat as standard with the C19i.

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About the Walker C19i

OMC Power Equipment's top selling Walker Mower, the Model C is simple, light weight, and features components that keep it narrow and compact. Operators can quickly get in and out of places that are simply inaccessible with other mowers. Tight corners, overhanging obstacles, gates, and narrow strips of grass are no problem for the Model C.

The model C19i is based on the standard platform as the C19, but with EFI for superior fuel efficiency and performance, along with a power dump and suspension seat for added ease of use.

The Model C includes Walker’s Grass Handling System® (GHS) with a 10.5 inch high-speed blower and 7.0 bushel grass catcher with PowerFil® oscillating chute and Grass-Pak® full signal. The GHS system, combined with tilt-open bodies, tilt-up decks, precision steering and handling, and Kohler Command Pro engines, make lawn maintenance with the Model C easy and enjoyable.

Standard Features with the C19i

  • Comfort seat - more support and comfort than the basic seat.
  • Power dump - No need to get off the seat to empty the catcher, with handy electric dump-from-seat.
  • High capacity, commercial engine air filtration
  • Eaton Model 7 transmission with ductile cast iron gearbox final drive
  • Tilt-up decks and tilt-open body
  • Flexible deck carrier frame
  • 4 gallon fuel tank
  • Grass Handling System® (GHS)
  • 10.5 inch GHS blower
  • Oscillating PowerFil® chute with Grass-Pak® full signal
  • 7 bushel grass catcher

Deck options

Your C19i will come standard with your choice of either the Multi-Deck, capable of either mulching / catching or side discharge, or the standard GHS deck which is collection only.

The Multi Deck is best suited for applications where a relatively even spread between catching / non-catching will be desired.

The standard GHS deck is best suited for those collecting the majority of their lawn and is best suited to catching grass in New Zealand conditions.

To use a cricket analagy: think of the GHS deck as a spin bowler, the best at the one function (catching grass). The Multi-Deck is the all-rounder - good at several functions, not the best at one.

Go inside the Walker Grass Handling System:

Walker C19i

The C19i is designed for the contractor wanting commercial grade comfort and performance, but still in a compact and affordable package.

Comfort seat

The Comfort Seat comes standard on the C19i, offering more cushioning than the basic seat. Armrests available as optional extra.

Walker Power Dump

The C19i also comes standard with a Walker Power Dump fitted, allowing you to empty clippings from the seat - much faster and less fatiguing than the manual dump.

Walker deck

All Walker collection decks are shaft driven for ultimate durability and power. Choose your C19i with either a standard GHS deck, or the versatile Multi-Deck.

EngineKohler ECH630
Fuel SystemEFI
Cooling SystemAir
Displacement694 cc
Max Power19 HP @ 3600 RPM
Max Torque34.2 ft-lbs
Fuel Capacity15.1 L
Grass HandlingCollection
SeatStandard Seat
Tires18 x 8.5-10 Turf Tire
Weight421.5 kg
Dimensions47.5 in (121 cm)" H x 43.25 in (110 cm)" W x 89.25 in (226.5 cm)" L

Model C Introduction

The C19 and C19i are the latest options of one of our longest running models. Both are designed from the ground up to be compact, high-production mowers ideal for commercial and residential operators.

The Walker Power Dump

The Walker Power Dump comes standard with the C19i, and provides convenience and time savings to commercial mowing companies and homeowners alike by giving the operator the ability to dump the grass catcher from the operator seat.

A toggle switch operates the 12-volt electric linear actuator that provides the dumping and door-opening action, which completes in about 10 seconds.

Popular upgrades & accessories for the Walker C19i



Get your lawn in top health with the Walker maintenance dethatcher. Quick and easy to fit to the front of your deck, the tines help scrape out dead grass and thatch, helping get oxygen, sunlight, feed and moisture to the roots giving you a beautiful lawn. Ideal for autumn and spring use.

All-terrain tyres

All-terrain tyres

Get more grip on sloping terrain, or in damp or lush conditions, while minimising damage to the lawn surface. (Actual tyres may differ slightly from pictured).

Suspension seat

Suspension seat

While the C19i comes standard with a comfort seat, you may choose to trade up to the Walker suspension seat. Made by Grammar, a renowned agricultural seat manufacturer, the Walker suspension seat is fully adjustable to your weight and includes adjustments for back angle and lumbar support. Armrests are included.



Wind down after work by mowing your lawns in the dusk using the Walker headlight kit. LED with durable mounts and surrounds, the lights are well positioned for illuminating both sides of the deck.



Support your back and shoulders with the popular armrest kit. Available for both standard and comfort seats. May differ slightly from pictured.

No-catch deflector

No-catch deflector

The No-Catch Deflector easily installs in the grass catcher door frame to allow "no collection" rear discharge mowing with GHS models. Grass clippings are safely deflected downward and spread across the door opening.

OMC Walker 'Winter kit'

OMC Walker 'Winter kit'

When catching performance is hindered, especially in damp winter conditions or in wetter areas of NZ like the West Coast, try our OMC 'winter' kit - consisting of a large holed catcher screen to increase exhaust airflow, and hi-lift blades to provide more catching airflow.

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