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Bringing USA tough, to Kiwi turf.

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Bobcat Zero Turn Mowers

Bobcat zero turn mowers are the perfect match for New Zealand conditions - providing the best cut quality, durability, speed and efficiency, and ease of ownership.

Brought to Kiwi customers by OMC Power Equipment since 2016, all Bobcat mowers are backed by a bumper-to-bumper 3 year limited warranty for complete peace of mind, and no matter where you are in New Zealand, we have you covered with our network of servicing dealers.

We offer free demonstrations onsite almost anywhere in New Zealand to ensure you get the right model for your needs.

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Why make Bobcat your next mower?

One: Durability.

One: Durability.

American ingenuity, craftsmanship and hard work make sure your new Bobcat can take whatever you can dish out. All Bobcat mowers are made in a purpose built factory at No.1 Bobcat Lane, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin - right in the middle of the American heartland. Each lawnmower has at least 10ga fabricated steel cutting deck, fully welded tube steel frame, serviceable transaxles and reliable Kawasaki engines.

Two: Quality of cut.

Two: Quality of cut.

New Zealand mowing conditions are uniquely different to everywhere else in the world so it's important our products are flexible to acclimatise to this. A raised front deck lip, plus the patented DoubleWave baffle system and wide discharge chute make a Bobcat deck adaptable to mowing in any part of the country, be it Kaitaia or Invercargill. We also have a great range of mulching and collection systems to suit your individual needs.

Three: Ease of ownership.

Three: Ease of ownership.

Bobcat mowers feature unique flip up floor plates, open frame design, and a great bumper-to-bumper warranty - all to make your Bobcat easy to own. With innovative benefits like an easy oil drain hose, just two belts, and sealed spindles, it’ll be the easiest mower you'll ever look after. And, we have a full network of servicing dealers, nationwide - to make sure you're never left high and dry.


We wanted the best. The best was Bobcat.

Ian Rampton, of NakiMowing, wanted a tough, reliable and fast mower for his mowing business in Taranaki. Find out why he chose Bobcat.

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Who uses Bobcat Mowers in New Zealand?

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Lifestyle Blocks

Bobcat offers a range of professional quality zero turn mowers for your home or lifestyle block. Save hours of backbreaking work with a push mower, or trade in your old lawn tractor for a machine that can halve your mow time and leave a better cut. And, all Bobcat mowers have a drink holder onboard for those hot days!

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You know a product is good, when a kiwi farmer can take one look at it and say "that looks tough". Used by time-poor farmers all over New Zealand, Bobcat mowers make a quick, enjoyable job of your home lawn, driveways and around the sheds.

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Mowing Contractors

Bobcat's range includes two commercial and three professional zero turn mower options along with a stand-on option. With a wide range of mulch, catch, discharge accessories, we have a solution to suit any mowing contractor or commercial operator.

Bobcat Parts

Servicing, backup and parts

When you buy a top quality brand like Bobcat, you expect top quality service, backup and parts support.

Alongside our sales and service branches in Auckland and Christchurch, we have a range of stocking and service dealers in every region of New Zealand. So when you buy a Bobcat mower, you know you have guaranteed regional backup and support.

We carry a full range of spare parts here in New Zealand to ensure you get what you need, quickly, and minimise downtime.

Visit our contact page to get in touch with our friendly parts or service teams.

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