Why the Green Climber is the most Advanced Remote Control Mower:

Easy Remote Control

One person can do the job of 10 people with the easy-to-use yet sophisticated operator control. Quickly cover large areas from a safe viewpoint, with all machine adjustments at your fingertips. An ergonomic design allows for comfortable all-day operation.

Expandable Track System

The unique track system on the Green Climber enables the tracks to be extended a further 400 mm to gain overall width and therefore stability on the steepest of slopes. This means the operator can adapt the mower's footprint depending on the terrain he is operating in, meaning ultimate safety and stability.

Side-Shift Flail Head

The flail mower on the Green Climber has side shift, making it ideal for trimming over edges and around obstacles in tight areas. There are also a number of other attachments available to use with the quick-hitch system.

60° Slope Operation

The Green Climber is designed to operate on slopes of up to 60° in all directions - making it the safest way to mow slopes where a manned mower would be too dangerous. Ideal for mowing in roading or motorway situations where steep berms are encountered.

Made in Italy

MDB is based in Lanciano, Italy and prides itself on superior engineering and reliable backup. You're guaranteed to have a machine that will be serviceable for years ahead with trusted backup in New Zealand by OMC Power Equipment.

Electronic Directional Control

The natural inclination of any machine operating on a steep slope is to 'crab' or try to swing down the slope. The Green Climber has a specialised electronic direction correctional system which controls the natural inclination of the machine towards the descent.

Check out the LV300 in Action

Check out the LV600 in Action

Green Climber Mowers

The Green Climber is a remote controlled mower with flail and with undercarriage tracks. Its main benefit is the fact that it can be used without an operator on board and it can tackle steep gradients up to 60° uphill, downhill and diagonally thanks to the extendable undercarriage tracks and low weight which enable a better grip on the terrain.