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Field & Brush Mowers

DR's range of walk behind, self propelled Field and Brush mowers are ideal for taming overgrown land and will demolish grass up to 1.5m high, as well as small trees! Get your property looking sharp again with minimal effort.

Trimmer Mowers

Put your handheld trimmer back in the shed. With a DR Trimmer Mower, you can cover a lot more ground, with less fatigue, and up to 6x the power of handheld brushcutters! Options also include circular saw blades for clearing small trees, and a tree guard to avoid taking bark off while in use as a trimmer mower.

Stump Grinders

DR Stump Grinders make an easy job of getting rid of old, unsightly stumps around your property - so you can make it look beautiful again. There's no time spent on your hands and knees digging out roots, as with manual methods, and no waiting around to see results, as you would with chemical stump removal.

The DR Field and Brush mower is the No.1 choice for tackling long grass, weeds and even small saplings on your rural property.

Avid fans of DR's Field and Brush mower tell their mowing stories - hear how they transformed their properties, and how you can too.

Showcasing the DR Trimmer Mower - A incredibly versatile machine!

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