DR Trimmer Mower Beaver Blade 12"


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DR Beaver blade
DR Beaver blade

Key features

  • Cut saplings up to 3" in diameter
  • Includes 3/16 chain file

Turn your DR Trimmer Mower into a chainsaw on wheels!

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Turn your DR Trimmer Mower into a chainsaw on wheels! The 12" Beaver Blade can cut woody brush and saplings up to 3" in diameter. This complete package includes the 12" Beaver Blade, a spacer, an aluminium mow-ball support, owner's manual and a 3/16" chain file.

The Beaver Blade's patented circular chainsaw chain-in-groove design allows the chain to absorb some of the sudden shocks and stresses that can easily shatter a fixed-tooth brush blade, because the chain slips slightly in the groove when it hits obstacles. The weight of the machine is supported by the wheels, so there's far less chance for the blade to twist, bind, or kick back.

Please Note: The Beaver Blade should always be used with the aluminium Mow-Ball support (included in the complete package).

Please check before purchasing to make sure the Beaver Blade is compatible with your trimmer mower. The Beaver Blade is NOT available for SPRINT or Compact Models of DR Trimmer Mowers.


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