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New vs Second Hand Mowers

Is it OK to buy a used lawn mower or does it have to be new to be any good? Here’s our advice.

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What's the best type of Zero-Turn Mower?

Zero-turn mowers are the way of the future and a good fit for lifestyle properties with a lot of mowing needed. So how does that make then good for lifestyle blocks and which is the best one?

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OMC December Blog Consideration

11 time management tips for looking after your lifestyle block

How much time it takes to maintain and run your lifestyle property is directly related to the size of it and what you’re using it for. See our tips for managing your time while looking after your lifestyle block. 

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OMC December Blog Awareness

NEWS FLASH: Farewell to the Honda EU20i Generator

After a long service life in New Zealand of over 10 years, Honda Power Equipment's best loved EU20i generator is now out of production.

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Has your lawn seen better days? – How to get the most out of your particular type of turf.

As the extended daylight hours have us spending more time outside, you may have noticed that your lawn isn’t exactly achieving the results you’re after.

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Different types of ride-on mowers

Investing in a ride-on mower is the best way to save time and energy in maintaining your property, especially if you have a lot of ground to cover.

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Choosing the right mower for weed control and cutting

Keeping weeds under control can be a challenge for any property owner. Weeds are a sure sign that your grass isn’t happy - but what should you do and what...

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Dealing with grass clippings – to mulch, catch or let them lie

When choosing a new mower, how you want it to deal with grass clippings is one of the first major choices to make. Find out the benefits of mulching, catching and letting them lie. 

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How to get a healthy lawn

Imagine a healthy and beautiful lawn with thick, lush green grass, soft underfoot, and free of weeds and patchiness… Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Here are our top tips for a great lawn.

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Perfect lawn

Try before you buy – why you should always get a free product demo

Find out why getting a free product demo is important, how it works and what's involved. 

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Product demo

The importance of mower maintenance and 11 things you can do yourself

Ride on lawn mowers are a hard working piece of outdoor power equipment; they get a lot of use and can take a beating.

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OMC blog article mower maintenance

How to mow steep slopes with a ride on mower.

Some ride on mowers are not suitable for mowing anything other than flat terrain. Be sure the mower you buy is built to handle slopes. Read on to get tips on how to make mowing steep slopes a little easier and safer. 

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OMC blog article mowing on a slope

Tips for mowing wet lawns

Mowing wet grass may not be the easiest or give you the perfect result, but here are some tips to help when you have to.

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OMC blog article mowing wet grass


We’ve been the passionate Walker Mower dealer for Canterbury for almost thirty years. Which is why we are pleased to be one of the Top 25 Walker Dealers, IN THE...

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What's the Deal with Mower Horsepower?

With over ten different zero turn mower brands in New Zealand, and around five different engine types, it’s easy to start by looking at horsepower.

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Ride on Mower Horsepower

10 Tips when buying a new ride on mower

When you buy a new mower, it's a big decision. It's a big decision because it's one that is either going to save you a lot of time in the...

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