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P54397 Blog images October mowing in spring

When to start mowing in Spring

Here’s how to ensure the timing and conditions are just right to get the best start for a lush summer lawn. Read more
P54397 Blog images October generator backup

Don't get caught in the dark - 7 reasons to invest in a backup generator.

When the power’s out, you’re out of luck! Here's why a back-up generator is worth investing in.  Read more
P53561 Blog images BOBCAT FA 1

What's wrong with BOB-CAT mowers?

BOB-CAT zero turn mowers are great for New Zealands lawns. But, theres no way they can be perfect.  Read more
P53561 OMC Blog images Aug FA

How do I know if I’m compacting correctly? 95% compaction explained

Compacting soil that can support greater loads without becoming unsettled, can be challenging. Learn how here. Read more
P53561 OMC Blog images Aug FA3

How to break in your generator correctly

It's essential you break in your generator before putting it under any load. Here's how to correctly do so.  Read more
P53102 DM Blog images FA3

The science behind soil compaction: An overview of purposes and processes

When it comes to soil compaction, there’s more than one way to increase the density. Here's how it works.    Read more
P53102 DM Blog images FA

Generator fuel types

A generator opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to power. Here’s an overview of three options.  Read more
P52087 OMC Blog images June 3

Safety tips when using a plate compactor

Plate compactors are a versatile tool, but it’s essential to make use of them safely. Read more

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