When you’re out there mowing day in and out, there are more than just tree stumps to deal with.

green climbing up a slope

Whether it’s co-ordinating multiple jobs, ensuring your fleet is maintained or even organising traffic management if you’re working on shoulders and roadsides – being able to do your job safely and confidently should be a given. There are plenty of tools that can help, but one piece of equipment that we’ve noticed commercial operators enjoy particularly is a remote-control slope mower.

We aren’t talking about the small Roomba-shaped ones that people maintain their backyards with, these are serious pieces of kit that are able to handle slopes of up to 60°. And amongst the brands available, at OMC we choose to stock Green Climbers for their efficiency and power amongst a number of other benefits.

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MDB Green Climber

Made in Italy for a world of terrain, the Green Climber range of remote-control mowers are specifically designed to make mowing slopes and areas that are difficult to access simple and easy. Available in 25 and 56 horsepower models, they can also cut the time some jobs take in half; only requiring a single operator to complete jobs that can usually take 10 people in the same amount of time.

Built to mow anywhere

What sets Green Climbers apart from other slope mowers are their wide, expandable bases and self-correcting steering systems. By placing the tracks widely, these mowers have a low centre of gravity and which helps them stick to slopes up to 60° in any direction. It’s steering system also comes in handy here because it will automatically correct the tracks if it detects the mower is slipping at all.

Decreased risk

As is the case with any commercial mowing job, safety is always a priority. So, by keeping the operator at a distance from the machine it seems like a no brainer, right? The range for these machines is approximately 300 metres, so it’s not as though the operator has to follow the machine closely. But the design of these machines also means the decks prevent anything being thrown back out of the machine. The sophisticated, yet easy to use control also lets the operator adjust every aspect of the machine with a fingertip.

Take on more jobs

While Green Climbers are designed for slope terrain mowing, their sturdy tracks and low centre of gravity mean they can access just about anywhere. Green Climbers can also be fitted with a full range of attachments that open up a number of opportunities; from stump grinding and trenching, to brush cutting, spraying, tilling and even snow blowing.

See one in action

Sometimes the best way to see just what these machines can do is to take one for a test drive, and at OMC we’re more than happy to arrange a free demonstration for you. Head to the specific page we’ve setup on our website to find out more about what Green Climbers are capable of, and book your demo today,

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