Stihl Motomix 5L

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Stihl MotoMix is ready-mixed fuel (1:50) for all STIHL engines, offering:

  • Optimal engine performance
  • Best cold start ability
  • Maximum acceleration over the entire rpm range
  • Best running characteristics even with a sudden gas change
  • Up to 5 years shelf life!

Motomix gives exceptional engine lubrication and extreme cleanliness, and is biodegradable and therefore better for the environment. It also has significantly less emissions (free from ethanol, almost no olefins and aromatic compounds).

With a 5 year shelf life, you no longer need to worry about messy fuel+oil mixing and stale fuel which has previously been a huge problem in New Zealand.

Stihl engines and Stihl MotoMix are made for each other - read our full blog post here to learn more about the benefits of Stihl MotoMix.

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