Walker T23 Commercial Catching Zero Turn Mower

A fast, efficient commercial mowing package ideal for a range of deck sizes in both commercial and lifestyle applications.

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If you're after a catching mower with plenty of power and versatility, designed to stand the rigours of commercial mowing, the model T23 Walker Mower is for you.

  • Get the perfect, refined cut with Walker's trademark out front floating deck.
  • Cut long grass in wet conditions - the deck is shaft drive - no belts!
  • Easily access the deck and blades for cleaning and sharpening - simply tilt it up.
  • Get your mowing jobs done super fast with Walker's unique Zero-Turn technology - different to every other Z-turn on the market
  • Make the most of extra optional features like the Hi-Dump, suspension seat and deck lift to cut time on your mowing jobs.

The model T Walker Mower range is Walker's most advanced tractor series. Developed in the early 90's with the advent of more powerful twin-cylinder engines, the T series has become the mainstay of many commercial operations and large lifestyle block owners.

Three engine choices make the versatile, powerful MT an excellent centerpiece on any landscaper's trailer. This model has a 23-hp air-cooled engine and is the primary offering of the T-series. T-series tractors use Walker decks, implements and attachments to work all year long for homeowners, commercial mowers and a variety of other customers.

  • 23-HP, Kohler OHV V-Twin engine, air-cooled
  • Tilt-open style body and chassis
  • Shock-mounted instrument panel
  • Remote air intake for engine
  • 10.0 bushel catcher
  • 10.5" grass handling blower
  • Splined PTO drive shaft with quick-disconnect coupler
  • 17.8 litre fuel tank
  • 10.5 kph ground speed
  • Compatible with 36-52" Catching decks, 42/48" Multi Decks and Side Discharge decks.

Click here to download the full T23 Flysheet.

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