STIHL Lightweight High-Performance Chainsaw - MS 462

$2,445.00 incl GST

The lightweight new arrival in the 70cm³ cubic capacity class
The perfect symphony of technology and experience, coming together in one ground-breaking commercial chainsaw

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The lightest high-performance saw in the 70 cm³ cubic capacity class. Extraordinarily easy to manoeuvre, with outstanding acceleration. For felling and pruning in medium-density and high-density stands. Fitted with M-Tronic as standard; HD2 filter with very good filtering effect. Captive nuts on the sprocket cover make it easy to change the chain; tool-free fuel caps for easy and safe filling with fuels and lubricants; economical 2-MIX engine.

MS 462 replaces both MS 461 and MS 441, becoming the natural choice if you want a 70cc Stihl chainsaw.

Low power to weight ratio

The STIHL MS 462 C-M is the lightest professional chainsaw in its cubic capacity class. Special components, such as the cylinder with its angled cooling ribs, the compact sprocket cover, the light crankcase, the weight-optimised flywheel and the Rollomatic ES Light rail ensure that the machine is noticeably lighter.

Stihl M-tronic 2.0

MS 462 is the first chainsaw from Stihl equipped with the newest version of M-tronic, 2.0. This new software for controlling the carburettor will give a lot of benefits, one of them being that the chainsaw will perform equally regardless of height above sea level. For a cold start, the STIHL M-Tronic only needs one start position on the combi-lever. After starting, you can immediately power up to full speed. The amount of fuel required is precisely calculated by the system and supplied as needed. Otherwise, start in the position I as usual. The calibration of the STIHL M-Tronic system has been optimised further. There is no need for any manual corrections, even in specialised areas of application, e.g. in high mountain ranges. Calibration is completed within approx. 72 seconds after the machine is started.

STIHL Ematic with new oil pump system

The new oil pump system allows a higher volume of oil to be delivered. This is especially useful in dusty conditions or when using a long guide bar.


This controller in the carburettor prevents the fuel-air mixture getting richer as the air filter becomes clogged. The correct quantity of fuel is delivered to the carburettor depending on the quantity of air passing through the air filter. This keeps the fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture constant and hence also the engine power. The filter doesn't need to be cleaned until an appreciable drop in power occurs.

Plunge guide

Marking has been added to the fan housing to assist with plunge cuts. This ensures better directional control and safe use of the machine during plunge cutting.

Displacement 72,2 cm³
Power output 4,4/6 kW/bhp
Weight 1) 6 kg
Power-to-weight ratio 1,4 kg/kW
Sound pressure level 2) 108 dB(A)
Vibration level left/right 3) 4,8/3,6 m/s²
Saw chain pitch 3/8"
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type RS
Sound power level 2) 119 dB(A)



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