Green Climber LV600 Remote Controlled Mower

Perfect for grasses, brush and trees up to 6 inches, the Green Climber LV600 is the tool you need for your tough jobs including road maintenance, light forestry, and even fire breaks. Multiple attachments allow for flail cutting, guard-rail deck mowing, and finish mowing.

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Product details

The Green Climber LV600 is a powerful, rugged and super high performing remote controlled mower, capapble of handling the most demanding terrain in New Zealand.

It is a fully remote controlled machine with a flail blade cutting system, and adjustable / expandable tracks for superior traction and stability.

This style of mower allows road landscape contractors, mowing contractors, councils and private operators to mow wide areas of previously inaccessible terrain, safely.

The remote system enables just one operator to use a mower that will cut as quick as 10 people operating independently. 

The front flail mower head has a side shift of 400mm either side meaning you can trim along edges or over kerbs significantly eaiser than fixed cutting heads.

The LV600 will tackle a huge range of vegetation - not just long grass but thick broom, gorse, brush, bamboo, kikuyu and more.

Key Benefits of the Green Climber
  • Mow slopes up to 60 degrees
  • Remote control safely up to 1,000 ft away
  • High performance tracks
  • Hydraulic expanding track system
  • Increase stability with the push of a button
  • Tier IV Final Kohler engine for ultimate power
  • Large Range of attachments


Key Specifications
Model LV600
Dry Weight (ex Accessory) 1292 kg
Max Working Gradient 60° in all directions
Speed 9km/h
Engine 56hp liquid cooled Kohler Diesel
Additional Cooling Reversing fan on radiator for periodic debris removal
Accessory Side Shift Yes
Track Widening Yes


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