Green Climber LV300 Remote Controlled Mower

This mower is insane!!! Mow up to 60 degree slopes up and down or sideways all from the safety and comfort of a vehicle or on foot. Full remote controlled mower with up to 150 metres range. Will Mow grass, brush and heavier. Range of heads available.

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The Green Climber LV300 remote controlled mower is a machine designed to perform maintenance work on grass verges, road and motorway edges that are particularly uncomfortable or dangerous to reach. Its low weight and its total versatility make Green Climber an extremely useful vehicle and very popular with New Zealand contractors.

Thanks to the expandable tracked undercarriage and its low weight, it can operate without man on board on steep slopes up to 60 ° uphill, downhill and transversely. Also give you scope to mow narrow or hard to access areas.

The fully hydraulic driven head can take a range of attachments. The Green Climber quick coupling system has been designed to guarantee the interchangeability of accessories with extreme speed; it is also equipped with a hydraulic multi-connection plate as standard.

The LV300 Pro is equipped with a Yanmar 3 Cylinder diesel engine; it also has a patented system that guarantees the lubrication of the engine on extreme slopes. The Green Climber LV300 Pro engine complies with EPA TIER 4 and Stage 5 Ready regulations.

The Green Climber LV300 can tackle a large range of vegetation including Kikuyu, gorse, broom, long grass and bamboo with ease, making it the perfect remote control mower for New Zealand conditions.



Yanmar 3 Cylinder, liquid cooled diesel 25hp

Engine Power

30.2 @ 3000rpm

Engine Torque

78.9-85.9 Nm @ 1800 rpm

Dry Weight


Work slope

60 ° in all directions

Head options available




Fuel tank capacity


Reversible radiator fan


Track expander system


Cutting width


Service pump

13L @ 180 Bar

Hydraulic outlets (accessories)



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