Canycom CMX2402 Slope & Brush Mower

$26,999.00 incl GST

Top of the line, rugged and reliable slope and brush mowers designed to tackle thick brush, broom, gorse, bamboo and more - on slopes up to 25 degrees! Made in Japan.

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The Canycom CMX2402 is the ultimate extreme terrain mower! It has all the grunt, mow over ability and features that are needed for mowing in the roughest of New Zealand conditions and steep terrain.

With extra horsepower and ground clearance, the impossible is now entirely within reach for lifestyle block owners and contractors who are looking for a mower to tackle extra long grass/weeds and even small trees, as well as on steep slopes.

  • Made in Japan - true engineering excellence
  • Super low centre of gravity for the safest slope performance
  • Selectable 4WD and Diff lock for ultimate traction
  • Powerful 22hp Honda GX690 Engine
  • Easy tool-less blade change system
  • Unique swinging and opening blade guard for easy deck access.
  • Full suspension seat for operator comfort
  • Easy and safe to use.

Make yourself comfortable and take control of the overgrowth on your property, with all that you need right at your fingertips.

This mower must be experienced to be believed - so ask us now for a FREE no obligation demonstration at your property - New Zealand wide!



CMX 2402 4WD

Engine Manufacturer/Model Honda GX690
Output/Horsepower  22HP
Displacement (cc) 688
Torque 48.3 Nm
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Capacity (L) 20
Gorund Speed (Km/hr)  High Range: 0-13.8 Low Range: 0-7.7
Transmission Continuously Variable
Final Drive Selectable 4wd heavy duty dual range with positive diff lock
Charge Pump Assisted Hydro Yes
Brakes (F) Front (R) Rear Enclosed internally expanding shoe automotive style (F/R)
Steering Enclosed automotive style rack and pinion
Minimum Turning Radius  1.8m
Operator Seating Height  455 - Suspension Seat
Lights  Front & Rear
Weight (kg)  365
Cutting Height (mm)  0-150 over 21 increments
Cutting Width (mm) 975
Blade System Tooless Easy Change - Swinging Blade
Drive System Shaft Drive

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Product reviews

Charles Lockie - 2020-11-04

Hawke's Bay

These are great machines.

Our section is a mix of things that has made the site very difficult to bring under control and then maintain. We have many trees fairly close to each other, steep embankments (some considerably in excess of 25 degrees), very tall grass with large long established and hardened root balls in the open areas. If this was not enough a number of the oak and other trees present were surrounded by saplings some up to 3 cm or more in diameter.

The challenge was to find a machine that could cut through all dense material, not be destroyed at the first encounter with a hidden rock, be highly maneuverable amongst trees and do all of these things on a steep slope without falling over - any one of these tasks being quite a challenge for any mower.

Remarkably, the Canycom manages all of this with relative ease and then as a bonus leaves a tidy path in its wake, all really surprising for a rotary mower that is more of a brush cutter. I like the all wheel drive, where the ground is soft two wheel drive would cause "skidding" and "churning" on the slopes - this does not happen.

Most of all its fun to use, very easy to operate, easy to load and unload from the trailer as it has great ground clearance (with the blades lifted).

Thanks Charles, for the detailed review!

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    David Griffiths - 2019-07-03

    Hawke's Bay

    Thank you for providing me with my new Canycom. I had my first day on it last weekend and I am very pleased with it's performance in taming my unruly hillside and paddocks. It safely handled the uneven slopes of 30 degrees plus , which is exactly what I was hoping it would do, and it has certainly lived up to my expectations in easily dealing with the man high brambles and errant saplings.

    As an Engineer, I can appreciate the robustness and quality of its build and fully anticipate my Canycom giving years of outstanding service managing our block.

    Thanks for your review David - we're glad you love your Canycom!

    Malcolm R - 2018-05-22


    I have been a very happy owner of a Canycom CMX227 brushcutter for several years. Despite being the ultimate procrastinator within 12 hours of this being demonstrated on my property I decided that this machine was the one for the job. It went up surprisingly steep slopes through long paddock grass and equally as important it came down those slopes (and steeper) ones with security. I saw it as cheap life insurance for when I was operating on the slopes.

    Having had other machines that were supposedly suited to hilly lifestyle blocks but in fact could not cope I was sceptical about the Canycom. I was wrong. It is a performer. It was a property transformer for us. Blackberry and light gorse was not a problem - tamed and gone. It transformed slopes and flatter paddocks into quite presentable grass – OK not bowling green stuff but great lifestyle grass.

    Such is my belief in the machine I have demonstrated it to several other lifestyle block owners.

    Having downsized our block, I decided to part company with my faithful 227 and replace it with a new 186. That is performing right up to expectations. I am confident that, like the 227, it will still be operating without missing a beat in 5 plus years time.

    I can state unequivocally that this is a genuine and unsolicited endorsement.
    Malcolm. Napier

    Thanks Malcolm - appreciate your honest feedback!

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