Canycom CM 1402 Slope & Brush Mower

$19,499.00 incl GST

The CM1402 is a step up from the CM1401 with the addition of a mechanical 4WD drive train. A powerful and reliable shaft driven deck and bi-metal blades, based on the metallurgy of the famous Sumurai sword means this mower will go places.

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Product details

The CM1402 brings commercial mowing home – offering all the Canycom benefits as a fully mechanical 4WD mower. For properties with demanding slopes and long brush, this machine brings a full commercial feature set to an easily affordable price point.

Easily tackle steep slopes, rough terrain and cut through saplings up to a whopping 36mm in diameter – a quality maintenance machine for properties with demanding requirements.

Hear from Jason, a CM1402 Owner:

Key Specifications & Benefits
  • Honda GX390 Engine
  • 2WD / 4WD operation for increased climbing ability and traction.
  • Dual range transmission for increased pulling and climbing power
  • Ultra low seat height for better stability when mowing on slopes
  • Super low centre of gravity for slope performance
  • Ultra tough shaft drive, providing maximum torque and reduced maintenance - no deck belts!
  • Easy and safe control layout, easy to drive
  • Compact mowing width for maneuvrability and speed
  • Tight turning radius
  • Diff lock for ultimate traction
  • Comfortable ride and easy operation
  • Made in Japan

The CMX1402 is a true all terrain mower which outperforms anything else available on the market at this price point.

Product reviews

Anita - 2019-03-11


I love my new Canycom, I would and indeed do recommend it unstintingly to friends with no thought or desire for any recompense. I have to look for excuses to mow now and to be able to mow when it suits me does take the pressure off if things get hectic around here. Thank you again.

Great to hear, Anita - thanks for your review!

  • Customer reviews 5

    Chuck L - 2019-02-21

    We are really enjoying and really impressed by the Canycom and use
    it nearly every day.

    Jason Bishop - 2018-03-15

    Banks Peninsula

    My property is beyond 30 degrees in places, so that's why I really like the Canycom. I have a reasonably large residential bit of grass that needs mowing but I also have a lot of juvenile gorse that needs to be attacked with extreme prejudice! The Canycom's best feature is low ratio diff lock - it climbs everything.

    I open the garage door and see it sitting there in its yellow and red glory, and I tell the wife that I'm going out for about an hour to mow the nice bit of lawn but I take it out and find the steepest part of the property that I've got, the most inaccessible, but I can get there.

    Lloyd Canham - 2016-12-15

    Waiheke Island

    I'm very pleased with my purchase, I asked other users about Canycom - other users highly praise, especially commercial contractors

    David - 06/10/2017 9:29am

    This mower is a beast. It mows straight through gorse and bracken and I have used it to smooth out bumps and level soil on steep and muddy bush trails. I have a steep bush block and the 4WD has never let me down, including safely mowing up and down 30 degree slopes.

    Mechanically it is very solid, with a mechanical drive train (so none of the pulley/belt/deck issues of some other mowers) and a lockable diff. Maneuverability is good, with a decent turning circle but obviously it won't compete with a zero-turn in this respect. The blades are incredibly tough, I have occasionally taken chunks out of 4x4 timber, split rocks and scalped gravel paths with barely a scratch on the blades. The ability to flip the blades to get maximum life out of a set is good too.

    These mowers sell themselves on a property with moderate-to-steep slopes. The demo was a revelation and after hearing horror stories of friends and neighbors' tractor mowers flipping and zero-turns spinning down similar slopes it was an easy choice to make.

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