Why CANYCOM For Steep Slopes & Brushcutting?

Shaft Drive Deck

Shaft driven deck means you can cut much thicker, heavier grass and scrub, plus a greater height of cut and no belt hassles!

Low Centre of Gravity

The Canycom mower is the safest on the market for mowing on slopes. The low height and long wheel base makes the mower exceptionally stable, virtually hugging the ground. Mow slopes of up to 30° or more!

Hybrid Drive

Put simply, this unique Hybrid Hydrostatic + Mechanical drive gives you all the ease of an automatic transmission, with the power, durability and safety of a mechanical gear box.

Two Speed Hi/Lo Gearbox

This simple but important function allows you to have all the power, traction and mowing ability when you need it when in low range, or simply switch to Hi range for when you want to cover ground quickly.

Full Mechanical Diff Lock

A full mechanical diff lock means that you wont freewheel or risk losing control when on rough terrain. Too many people have been killed in New Zealand from going out of bounds with a conventional ride on which are precarious when mowing on sloping or slippery ground.

Height of Cut Range

A Shaft driven deck allows the Canycom to have the greatest height of cut range on the market - allowing you to attack high scrub as well as groom a turf lawn. This is because other machines instead use a belt/pulley system, meaning that when the deck is raised and lowered the belt becomes angled and more prone to wear, slippage,or completely derailing.

Two / Three Stage Braking

For maximum safety and braking performance, the Canycom incorporates both hydraulic braking as well as braking with enclosed drum shoes on the front axle. All wheel drive models also have rear axle via enclosed drum shoes. This makes sure you re never out of control on steep slopes.

Katana™ Blade system

Canycom's unique Katana™ blades mount easily onto the blade carrier without requiring any tools! This makes replacing the blades easier - you don t even have to get under the machine. The Katana ™ blades aren't ordinary blades either, made from extremely resilient Japanese sword steel, guaranteed to give you a long cutting life in the most extreme conditions.

Proven in New Zealand

There's nothing quite like the rough mowing conditions found in New Zealand. Our climate makes growing conditions ideal year round, and growth quickly gets out of control. Canycom has been proven in New Zealand for over 20 Years and is ideal for our conditions with its shaft drive deck and safe performance.

Made in Japan

Rugged, Durable and Reliable Engineering

All Canycom Mowers are manufactured by Chikusui Canycom in the one factory in Fukuoka, Japan. Chikusui Manufacturing is an extremely old company and has produced high quality machinery and equipment for centuries.

Canycom Mowers