RMI 632 P Cordless Lawnmower


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RMI 632 P
RMI 632 P
RMI 632 P
RMI 632 P

The RMI 632 Robotic Lawnmower has a more powerful battery and larger cutting width and can therefore handle larger lawns up to 4000 m². The control panel is removable so you can carry out the programming without needing to bend down. The RMA 632 is fully automatic so it will mow, and charge at it's own schedule. If the Battery runs low or it starts to rain the iMOW® will return to the docking station. You will not even need to rake the grass clippings because the RMI 632 has a mulching blade that finely shreds the grass putting vital nutrients back into the lawn.

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  • Maximum Lawn Area 4000 m²
  • Charge Time 60 min
  • Average Mowing time per charge 130 mins
  • Cutting width 28 cm
  • Cutting height 20-60 mm
  • Maximum Degree of Slope 24º
  • Weight 14 kg
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