MSA 161 T Battery Chainsaw



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MSA 161 T
MSA 161 T
MSA 161 T
MSA 161 T
MSA 161 T
MSA 161 T
MSA 161 T
MSA 161 T

The light MSA 161 T Cordless Arborist Chainsaw is ideal for tree climbing work in noise-sensitive areas. The MSA 161 T accelerates very rapidly and delivers fine, extremely precise cutting due to it's powerful EC motor and fast chain speed of 16 m/s (40% higher than its predecessor the MSA 160 T). The saw comes with a high-quality ¼ inch PICCO saw chain.

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  • Rated Voltage 36 V
  • Weight 2.1 kg
  • Standard Bar 30 cm
  • Chain 1/4 inch Picco Micro Mini
  • Max Wood Diameter 30 cm

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