BR 450 C-EF Petrol Blower


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BR 450 C-EF
BR 450 C-EF
BR 450 C-EF
BR 450 C-EF

The big advantage of the BR 450 C-EF is that due to the ElectroStart technology the Blower doesn't need to be removed from your back to start it. This is both more convenient and can also reduce fuel costs as it is easier to switch off the Blower when its not in use as opposed to leaving it idling.

This Blower has a ergonomic harness and anti-vibration technology to aid comfort. Both the Blower tube length and handle position can quickly be adjusted without tools to suit a range of users and applications. This is a great option for professional users clearing large areas especially when you are required to start and stop work often.

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  • Displacement 63.3 cc
  • Weight 11.5 kg
  • Blowing Force 28 N
  • Max Air Speed 99 m/s
  • Air Throughput 1,430 m³/h
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