AR 1000 Battery


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AR 1000 Battery
AR 1000 Battery

The STIHL Backpack Batteries provide exceptionally long run times - the 36 V AR 1000 has a capacity of 626Wh. The weight of the tool is considerably reduced as the Battery is carried on the operators back, where the weight is evenly distributed due to the comfortable backpack, ergonomic hip belt and chest strap. The AR 1000 is the lightest backpack Battery in the STIHL range at just 5.5kg including the carrying system.

The STIHL batteries run at full speed until the Battery is depleted so there is no gradual reduction in power. The AR 1000 can be charged approx. 1000 times. Like the other Batteries in the STIHL range, it has sensors that shut down the machine if the Battery becomes too hot. Compatible with the AL 300 & AL 500 Chargers.

Charge time with AL 300 Charger: 160 minutes, or to charge it up to 80%, it takes 130 minutes

Charge time with AL 500 Charger: 120 minutes, or to charge it up to 80%, it takes 90 minutes

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