Why you should be using a zero-turn mower at home

Zero turn mower

Now that we’re out of winter and spring is here, chances are that you’ve been spending more time maintaining your lawns. And if you’re a lifestyle block owner, you’ll only know all too well that they can get out of control fast when you aren’t keeping an eye on them regularly. With the change in seasons, now is a great time to evaluate your mower and consider the difference an upgrade will make.

Because if you’re currently driving a lawn tractor – or you’re still out there pushing a rotary mower about – a zero-turn can definitely make a world of difference.

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Zero-turn mowers = zero maneuverability issues

Zero-turn mowers get their name from the fact their turn radius is zero; meaning they can turn 360 degrees on the spot. This is because both rear wheels can independently go forward or move in reverse. The front wheels are only in place to support the cutting deck, so navigating gates, trees and gardens is far easier than on a traditional ride-on mower.

You can also get the job done faster, too

The average zero-turn mower is quicker than most lawn tractors, a huge benefit if you have a large property to maintain. And when it comes to our pick, the commercial-grade Kawasaki engines available with every BOB-CAT zero-turn mower can help you get the job done in no time.

Combine speed and quality with these two BOB-CATs

The BOB-CAT CRZ is the perfect entry-level zero-turn, and because it comes in three sizes there’s an option for every block. The 42” offers great value for money and it’s incredibly maneuverable through gates and around gardens. Its adjustable lip and Double Wave baffle system give you the ability to cut long, wet grass in winter with ease as well; making them one of the best mower brands around for New Zealand’s ever-changing weather conditions.

If you’re after something with a little more grunt, the BOB-CAT XRZ and BOB-CAT XRZ Pro machines are what you’re after.

Both offer commercial-grade transaxles and industry-leading six-year warranties that cover parts and labour. These are the best warranties in New Zealand, as other brands generally only cover the cost of parts for the first three years of ownership.

See one in action on your property

Regardless of where you’re located throughout New Zealand, we’re more than happy to bring a BOB-CAT out for a free demonstration. These machines look great on paper but even better in action. So feel free to get in touch or book yours today.

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