Things to consider when buying a commercial grade mower

16 Nov 2020

buying a commercial grade mower

Whether you’re upgrading, diversifying your fleet or purchasing a commercial grade mower for the first time, there’s a lot to think about. Should you go petrol or diesel, and how important is speed, comfort, quality, brand reliability and efficiency? Below is an overview of these things you’ll need to consider. And contact us for further info or to arrange a free demo; we’re always happy to help. 

Petrol vs diesel?

Petrol commercial mowers are generally more common than diesel and that’s mostly due to them being less expensive upfront. They can also be easier to repair, and there is also a consistent stream of new technology coming out for petrol models that increases their efficiency or reducing service intervals for example EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection technology). If simplicity and convenience are your primary requirements, then we recommend you look into petrol models.

Diesel engines are more efficient than petrol models. Their overall running costs are lower and service intervals are longer which means less down time on your machines. Diesel also can offer substantially more torque than comparably powered petrol alternatives, which means more efficient cutting in often challenging conditions. A diesel engine needs less oil and filter changes plus they get less wear and tear. This means a diesel mower can outlast a petrol model.

There are many benefits to buying a mower from OMC. Download your free document now to find out what they are.

What do you need it for?

Zero turn mowers are ideal for mowing large areas quickly. With the ability to turn on their own axis, they are easy to manoeuvre around gardens, trees and other obstacles. A zero-turn mower with wide cutting decks makes mowing large grass areas quick and easy while the low centre of gravity allows for better traction, cornering and cut. These mowers are also known for their speed and power.

Consider looking at either a Bobcat or a Scag zero turn. Bobcat offers a number of petrol options in 42” / 48” / 52” / 61” / 72” deck sizes, and in New Zealand we offer the Scag 61” or 72” decks with certain side, rear discharge, mulching or collection options. Scag is available in petrol and diesel options.

There is also the option of a stand on mower for more maneouvrability.

If you mow a lot of areas that are difficult to get at, especially with steep slopes and rough material, The Green Climber is a remote-controlled mower with flail and undercarriage tracks. The main benefit of this commercial mower is that it can be used without an operator on board and it can tackle steep gradients of up to 60° uphill, downhill and diagonally thanks to the extendable undercarriage tracks and low weight which enable a better grip on terrain.

Operator position

Have a think about how you and your team want to use the mower i.e. sitting, standing or walking. Standing and walking will give you good manoeuvrability, however if you’re mowing large grass areas, a ride on/zero turn is a must. Having the right operator position is crucial as it can reduce fatigue and of course, keeps everybody safe.

Stand on mowers

These can often catch the eye of prospective mower buyers - 'why would you stand?!'

Standing up offers unique benefits in terms of mower size and footprint, operator comfort and fatigue, accessibility / maneouvrability, and slope performance.

Of particular note are the Bobcat or Scag stand on mowers – these offer excellent accessibility in residential areas, and perform great on slopes as well as freeing up room on trailers or transport vehicles. Check these out here:

Bobcat ZS4000 stand on mower

Scag V-Ride stand on mower

Discharging grass clippings

When it comes to choosing discharge options, the type of properties you are mowing will determine this. Rear Discharge or mulching may be more suited for roadside mowing and council contractors, whereas a side discharge is more suitable for you need a neater, more polished look, and better cutting efficiency especially in long, damp or lush conditions.

Need to know more? Get in touch with one of our friendly experts and we’ll help you out.

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