With cold and wet days (and fewer daylight hours), it’s usually when work gets tougher.

weber mt compactor in action

But with the right equipment helping you get the job done, there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t be able to complete a job up to standard.

When it comes to the compaction equipment you need for any roading, landscaping, paving or civil construction project; Weber MT are the brand to look for. Their German-made equipment is the result of years of research and development - and that’s not coming from what they’ve told us. As independent retailers, we stock their range because we know our customers appreciate being able to rely on their gear in all conditions. And amongst everything they make, here are our favourites.

Weber MT CR6H Reversible Plate Compactor

Our most popular model when it comes to large reversible plate compactors, the CR6H can be used on anything from trench compaction to siteworks, and paving too. Weighing 400kg, it achieves a compaction rate of 55kN. So, depending on soil conditions, this can equal up to 60cm of compaction in a couple of passes.

Being a reversible compactor, it’s versatile because you don’t have to keep making tight turns to go back and forth. And because the CR6H can be fitted with removable wings, you can bring the width of the machine down to a relatively small 450mm too.

Weber MT CF2HD Single Direction Plate Compactor

Due to its compact size compared to the CR6H, Weber MT’s CF2 HD is a popular option for relatively smaller commercial works; such as preparing foundation pads or undertaking landscaping works that include paths and walkways.

Its unique handle ensures you can work without having to worry about excess vibrations. And because they fold compactly too, you can store it amongst your other equipment in your van, truck or trailer as well.

These compactors also carry a two-year commercial warranty so you can get as many hours as you need, and can also be fitted with a water kit for asphalt, or a wheel kit for easy transport.

Weber MT SRV620 Vibratory Tamper

Regardless of whether you call them trench rammers, foot compactors, tampers or even ‘whacker packers’: this model is the market leader. Constructed with a double-speed clutch, dual air filter and the most powerful Honda engine in its class, these machines are incredibly easy and comfortable to operate.

Much like the single direction CF2 HD compactor, the team at Weber MT have incorporated tech like narrow guide bars and high-quality materials to minimise any downtime. Two-year commercial warranties are also included with these machines, so you’re covered should anything happen.

Weber MT MC85 Remote Controlled Trench Roller

The result of years of research and development, this trench roller sets the standard. Boasting a powerful Kubota water cooled engine, single lifting point, pivot steering, sealed vibrator units, and world leading remote control; these units are great in deep and wide trenches where you don’t want to put an operator due to safety reasons.

For added productivity, pilots can control one of these units from the safety of an excavator’s cab to work in tandem with the MC 85. And with two ground speeds, as well as two levels of compaction rates from its ‘sheepsfoot’ roller wheels, you can use this machine in a wide variety of conditions on slopes that would otherwise be inaccessible.

If you have any questions around how a class-leading Weber MT could make a difference on site this year, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts.

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