The best of our brands - Part 2

10 Jul 2018

best of our brands

Some months ago we did a spotlight on three of our mower brands – BOB-CAT, Hustler and Walker. But we stock many more brands than just these so we thought we’d give you an overview of the others. The more you know about each brand, the more confident you can be in making the right mower choice.

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We’re one of New Zealand's oldest and largest Honda retailers so you can be sure this is a brand we really back. And it’s not just us who rate Honda. Many brands rely on their reputation for excellence with approximately 70% of the general purpose engines made by Honda are supplied as the standard engines for other power equipment manufacturers.

Honda are known for producing generators, pumps, engines and mowers. Our range includes many of these, including the Honda HF2417 ride on as well as push mowers, Honda commercial mowers and mulching mowers.


  • Known for their long lasting durability, all Honda mowers come with a minimum 2-year warranty.
  • Honda 4-stroke engines are widely regarded as the best in the industry.
  • Honda’s 4-stroke engine technology offers superior fuel economy using approximately half the fuel of its 2-stroke counterparts.

Cut quality

  • Honda’s Versamow technology allows you to choose how much grass is bagged and how much is mulched with no tools or attachments needed. Mulching is something mowers tend to struggle with in our lush NZ conditions, Honda’s Versamow system works hard to avoid clumping.

Comfort and ease of operation

  • Unique innovations like Versamow and Honda's patented MOW-SAFE engine brakes make these mowers a pleasure to own and operate.
  • Low vibration engine reduces user-fatigue.


Canycom are the ride-on slope and brush mowing experts. If you have a steep slope or really rough area to mow, you can’t pass by Canycom; it’s New Zealand's original ride on brushcutter, capable of mowing grass, gorse, weeds and scrub up to 2m tall!


  • Made in Japan but built for NZ conditions, all Canycom mowers are manufactured by Chikusui Canycom in Fukuoka, Japan, an extremely old company that has produced high quality machinery and equipment for centuries.

Cut quality

  • Shaft driven deck for cutting much thicker, heavier grass and scrub. It also allows the greatest height of cut range on the market. This means you attack high scrub as well as groom a turf lawn.

Comfort and ease of operation

  • Canycom's unique Katana™ blades mount easily onto the blade carrier without requiring any tools. This makes replacing the blades super easy, you don t even have to get under the machine.
  • The unique Hybrid Hydrostatic + Mechanical drive gives you all the ease of an automatic transmission, with the power, durability and safety of a mechanical gear box.
  • Low centre of gravity makes Canycom the safest on the market for mowing on slopes. The low height and long wheel base makes the mower exceptionally stable and able to tackle slopes of up to 30° or more!
  • The two speed hi/lo gearbox allows you to have all the power, traction and mowing ability when you need it, as well as the ability to switch to hi range and cover ground quickly.
  • Full mechanical diff lock avoids freewheeling or risking losing control. And for maximum safety and braking performance, the Canycom incorporates both hydraulic braking as well as braking with enclosed drum shoes on the front axle. All wheel drive models also have rear axle via enclosed drum shoes.


The STIHL name has stood for revolutionary technology and innovative ideas ever since the firm was founded over 85 years ago.

Known for state-of-the-art engineering, quality and service, STIHL products are helping people at work in more than 160 countries. As one of Christchurch and Canterbury's oldest Stihl dealers, we have all the experience and advice you need around this reliable brand. There’s not much Stihl don’t make or that we don’t stock.

When it comes to lawnmowers, Stihl are one of the leaders in cordless technology. Mobile, high-performance battery-powered Stihl lawnmowers have robust polymer housing and 6-setting cutting height adjustment. Special high-lift blades ensure the cut looks good. And because they’re compact in size and lightweight, they’re easy to use and store, and nice and quiet too.

So how long will you get out of the battery? Stihl’s high-performance lithium-ion battery provides power for up to 300m² of mowing.


Victa is made in Australia and owned by the Briggs & Stratton Corporation, a world leader in small engine manufacture. Such an Aussie icon is the Victa lawnmower, the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games had a bit dedicated to it! Millions of Australians have trusted Victa over their more than 55-year history and lots of Kiwis have cottoned on too. In fact, Victa mowers always feature in Consumer’s top product test results.

With a reputation for innovation, strong performance and rock-solid reliability, Victa mowers offer excellent Australian quality at affordable prices. They leave a great finish on any NZ lawn thanks to their rugged design and quality componentry.

Their product range has easy-to-use two and four stroke powered petrol mowers, mains electric and battery mowers, petrol and battery line trimmers, petrol and electric outdoor blower-vacs and a range of accessories to complement these products.

At OMC we have models available in both rotary and ride on, catching, non-catching and mulching with deck sizes between 19" and 54".


DR Power Products specialise in power equipment designed to solve the wide range of tasks faced by lifestyle block owners and contractors, from taming overgrown properties to trimming under fences.

Made in the USA, DR’s products are durable and hard working, and we’re proud to back them. Their product line is very broad, we ourselves stock their trimmer mowers, stump grinders, field and brush mowers and log splitters.

The DR Field and Brush mower is the No.1 choice for tackling long grass, weeds and even small saplings on your rural property. And DR trimmer mowers allow you to cover a lot more ground, with less fatigue, and up to 6x the power of handheld brushcutters.


Experience true Australian quality with Deutscher. Started in 1904 it’s still a family-owned business today, three generations later. In the early years Deutscher was known for manufacturing farm equipment, including stationary engines, chaffcutters, ploughs and a tractor. In the early 1950s they started building mowers, still a major product line for the company today.

Deustcher create walk behind mowers, ride on and zero turn mowers, one of the strongest mower ranges on the market, with extremely sturdy design yet amazing simplicity and quality of cut.

We stock Deutscher commercial walk behind mowers.

Green Climber

Green climber mowers are remote controlled and offer the ability to mow steep sloping areas up to an amazing 60 degrees. These machines are the ultimate in safety and stability and have been well received in New Zealand – especially with mowing contractors and councils. Made in Italy, Green Climber has a range of models available depending on your requirements, so contact us today for a free demo, nationwide.

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