Introducing a new way to make commercial mowing more efficient

Scag mowers on display

The Scag brand of mowers have been leading the way in the States since 1983, and now they’re available right here in New Zealand! Made especially for the commercial mowing industry, Scag’s innovation lies in the finer details. These machines will be of serious interest to mowing contractors, landscape professionals and parks and recreation departments right across the country.

OMC is bringing in two of Scag’s top commercial models; The Cheetah II, and the Turf Tiger II. These two machines are internationally renowned for their unmatched toughness, power and productivity. Deck sizes are available in 61” and 72”, and discharge options include side, rear discharge or mulching deck systems, along with blower-assist catchers. Made in the USA, Scag mowers are built tough with leading-edge technology and over 35 years of unmatched expertise.

Operator suspension

Unlike other suspension designs, Scag’s suspension system keeps you floating comfortably across any terrain, without compromising chassis integrity. Available on the Scag Cheetah II.

Shaft drive to the deck

A heavy duty driveshaft connects the engine to the deck; eliminating the long belt drive and increasing the height of the cut range. Available on the Scag Turf Tiger II.

Ogura clutch

Made in Japan, these clutches are regarded as top of the line. Available on both the Scag Cheetah II and the Scag Turf Tiger II.

TigerEye Monitoring System

The TigerEye Monitoring System keeps a constant, real-time “eye” on important system functions. Available on the Scag Cheetah II and Turf Tiger II.

Velocity Plus deck

The Velocity Plus deck is exceptionally heavy duty and gives an amazing finished cut. This deck has a fantastic track record in Australia which has very similar mowing conditions to New Zealand.

Cast Iron Spindles

Scag’s cast iron spindles include tapered roller bearings, a top mounted grease fitting and a relief valve to prevent over greasing. Every Scag cast iron spindle is cast just a few kilometres away from the factory in Wisconsin, before being assembled, greased and torqued by hand at the Scag factory in Mayville WI, USA. Available on both the Scag Cheetah II and the Scag Turf Tiger II.

Scag Cheetah II.

The Scag Cheetah II is the fastest and most comfortable in the Scag family. Clocking in speeds of up to 25km, this machine has a unique suspension system that keeps the operator floating comfortably without compromising chassis integrity.

  • Operator suspension
  • Ogura clutch
  • Side or rear decks
  • Cast iron spindles
  • 2-speed transaxles
  • Tiger Eye monitoring system
  • Petrol engines
  • 61” or 72” SD deck
  • 61” RD deck
  • Mulching or catching systems available

Scag Turf Tiger II.

This machine will be one of the toughest, most powerful and productive zero turn mowers New Zealand has ever seen. The Turf Tiger II stands head and shoulders above the crowd in power, durability and performance. A heavy-duty drive shaft connects the engine to the deck, eliminating the long belt drive and increasing the height of the cut range.

  • Kubota diesel engine
  • Shaft drive to the deck
  • Ogura clutch
  • Range of deck configurations
  • Cast iron spindles
  • 25hp Kubota Diesel engine
  • 61” or 72” SD Velocity Plus™ decks, mulching and/or catching systems available.

Prebook your free demo, now. Whether you’re a commercial operator or you have a lifestyle block and you just want the best, Scag will seriously not disappoint - so make sure you get in first and prebook yourself in for a test drive, now!

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