5 reasons to get in touch with an OMC expert

5 reasons to get in touch with an OMC expert

Your mind is almost made up…it’s time for a new piece of power equipment. Now who to get it from? We appreciate you have options; there’s a lot of competition out there. So to help make that decision easy with complete peace of mind, here are 5 very good reasons we think you should contact our team.

1. We’re about solutions not sales

Our team are customer focused, always looking to find the best machine for every job – even it means adapting something to be custom. As we have much varied product lines, we’re versatile and bear in mind the many customised solutions we provide whether it’s fitting caravan plugs to generators, or adapting a mower deck to get a better cut on your lawn.

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2. Sound mechanical understanding and knowledge

On average our staff have had 17 years in the industry and we all started with basic mechanics and experience in the workshop repairing, servicing and designing products. We insist on having a minimum of 18 months hands on workshop experience prior to joining the sales team. When you talk to one of our experts, their knowledge is real. Our sound mechanical understanding and knowledge means we find the best solution based on real expertise. Even today, our mobile sales team carry a tool set with them wherever they go so they can adapt a product or make investigations onsite. We’re definitely not ‘career salespeople’!

3. We’re all available to you

Our staff consists of a sales team of six, admin team of two, and a further two in parts and four in servicing/workshop. We are a genuinely friendly bunch who love meeting new customers and getting to know our existing customers better. And that goes for all of us. If you want to talk directly to our head mechanic, you can; he’ll answer his phone even if he’s buried in the back of a machine somewhere!

4. We know how our products work in NZ conditions

Many of our products come out of the US, Europe and Japan. This means they were designed for conditions unlike our own. It’s important to talk to one of our experts about exactly what your needs are so we can match you with the right solution. A good example would be zero turn mowers. Because these are mostly designed and manufactured in the USA where grass is cut much higher and is much drier than our damp conditions, specialst advice and expertise is needed to make sure you get the right one for the result you want.

5. Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what customer Stephen Saxon from Kerikeri had to say:

“This was my first venture into the realms of ride on mowers. I had narrowed the field down to a zero turn but had decided a steering wheel option might be the easiest. Still not sure I searched the net and found the OMC Q&A site, which I found very helpful. Next minute I had a call from Gerry Watt who was able to help me through my list of requirements. From then on it was all so easy with good old fashioned service coming to the fore. Gerry could not have been more helpful. Arranged a demonstration on our property at 5pm, took all the time required to demonstrate the machine and then around 6.30 headed on back with a four hour drive to his base! Consequently I purchased a 48” BOBCAT and have been extremely happy with my decision. Gerry’s input didn’t finish with the pre-sale, his follow up service has gone well above and beyond the call. Needless to say I couldn’t rate OMC and in particular Gerry any higher. Looking for a mower, you have to give Gerry Watt a call.”

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