Raymo R42FLEX Mowing Deck

Raymo 42" Flex Deck
Raymo 42" Flex Deck

Key features

  • 42" wide
  • Rear discharge / mulching
  • 40-100mm height of cut

Versatile 42" mowing deck suited for a wide variety of applications.

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The R42FLEX is the basic, versatile rotary mower deck that can be used for many different applications including mowing fine grass as a finishing mower, or taller/rougher grass e.g. around riverbanks. It has several unique features that make this cutting head truly versatile;

Mulching / Rear Discharge

With the R42FLEX you can quickly and simply switch between mulching and rear discharge using the mulching covers.

Caster Wheels or Skids

When mowing on slopes or undulating terrain, you can keep the caster wheels fitted, however for flat and level surfaces, these can be removed making the mower more compact and maneouverable.


This deck was designed as a non-scalping deck. Even when driving over sharp edges and heavy undulations, the blades are preventedd from making contact with the ground.


The mower deck design enables you to mow very close to obstacles and drive along walls and kerbs. Protective plastic covers and corner roller wheels protect both the mower deck and the nearby obstacles. It can easily be tilted to a service position for maintenance and cleaning.


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