Walker C19 Catching Zero Turn Mower

Ideal for Large Property Owners and Entry Commercial Use

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Take your mowing up a gear with the C19 Walker Mower - giving you more power, commercial running gear and more versatility.

  • Get your cutting done super fast - this mower is fully zero turn.
  • Mowing long grass in wet conditions is simple with a shaft driven deck - no belts here!
  • Mow all those tight areas, around trees, and along garden edges with the out-front deck. You can see every part of the deck from where you sit.
  • Access the blades in seconds with a tilt-up deck
  • Mow faster with more power (19hp)
  • Demand a mower that will last for many years - these are fully fabricated and machined in the USA to a quality standard that goes above and beyond all others.

The Walker Mower C model has been updated to a tilt-open body style making it easier to completely expose the drive train, and it is now standard with a 7-bushel catcher; making it a well-balanced, easy-to-operate machine. The C19 is a popular machine for commercial operators getting started in high-end property maintenance. A 19-hp Kohler OHV engine and an efficient design delivers power to catching or multi decks up to 48" as well as a range of implements and attachments.

  • 19-HP, Kohler OHV V-Twin engine, air-cooled
  • Tilt-open body completely exposes drive train
  • Remote air intake for engine
  • 7 bushel catcher
  • 10.5" grass handling blower
  • Splined PTO drive shaft with quick-disconnect coupler
  • 10.6 litre fuel tank
  • 10.5 kph ground speed

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